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Trójmiasto Java User Group jest grupą łączącą ludzi z pasją do programowania, rozwoju (siebie albo innych), dzielenia się wiedzą i doświadczeniem z okolic Javy (choć nie tylko).

Jeżeli chcesz o czymś opowiedzieć, daj nam znać przez forumlarz: https://jugtricity.typeform.com/to/zKwY2P odezwiemy się :)

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Meetup 130: Let's talk about Intellij - Tips & Tricks (English)

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Intellij Idea become the tool of choice, and de-facto, a standard - for majority in our community.
We promote it across the market, to ensure that every developer has the right to access the tool that makes y'all the most productive on daily basis.
This time around, we're going to dive deep into the art of IDE productivity with Hadi Hariri, one of the JetBrains advocates and people that knows the tool best. Join us to learn a few new tricks and improve your daily workflow

Speaker: Hadi Hariri
Title: Moar IntelliJ tips and tricks

Want to really know your IDE inside-out and see how to get into the flow of things when working? Want to understand the difference between an editor and an IDE and how the latter can give you the advantage of understanding the semantics of your applications? Want to be efficient (even productive) with your tooling? Then you know where to come.

Hadi Bio:
Developer and creator of many things OSS, he has been programming in one way, shape or form since the age of 12. Author of various publications and courses, Hadi has been speaking at industry events for nearly two decades. Host to Talking Kotlin, he works at JetBrains leading the Developer Advocacy team, and spends as much time as he can writing code.


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