What we're about

This group will be for a variety of events focused on two basic topics- and that most Sacted place where they meet:

Healing, Awakening and Communion with the Divine


Authenticity, Connection, Love, Intimacy, Conscious Communication and Tantra.

I am currently more focused on the first- through teaching people:

How to become their own Healers (for more information please see www.TheHealingStream.org)

A Course in Miracles- The art of how to be at Peace, under all situations and "work miracles."

Pain is mandatory, suffering is optional- working with our thoughts with REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Training)

Past Events Have Included:

Energy Sharing Circle

Men's Intimacy Salon

Laughter Yoga

Transparency Salon

Love Intimacy and Connection Salon

Planned future events include:

Deep Listening Gatherings

Loving Yourself- fun, practical ways of giving you Love

Self-Empathy- the art of listening to yourself

Cuddle Parties

Massage Swaps




Ps If you see an event listed above or offered that you would like to have in your community/workplace/tribe/home let me know.

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