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Are you an HSP?    - Take the easy quiz!

     In 1991 Dr. Elaine Aron discovered a biological trait that exists in 15% - 20% of all humans and animals. She called this trait “High Sensitivity” or “Sensory Processing Sensitivity".  Being an HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) is not a disorder or a disease.  The evolutionary advantage of HSP’s is that they act as the “lookouts” or early warning system for a group, to let everyone else know when a predator or other danger was near. One way to think of it, is that HSP’s have “more nerves per square inch”.   To an HSP, sounds seem louder, pain is more intense, and motion is more noticeable. Here is a link to an easy,  27-question quiz to determine if you are an HSP or not:

    HSP’s process emotions, ideas, and sensory input more deeply than the average person. This is good for creativity, writing, scientific work, philosophy, and the academic life. However for most ordinary pursuits (having a job in particular) being an HSP seems to be a disadvantage in modern life with its constant stress and constant demand for high performance/social compliance. The constant background music, the general hubbub, and the supervision/hierarchy/economic coercion that is present in the workplace  can be  all-consuming for an HSP and leaves them with very little energy after work, except to heat up some food and collapse on the couch.    Here is a link to a Wikipedia article about this:

   HSP’s tend to have higher levels of stress, depression, anxiety, and more health problems. This Meetup serves to help others understand themselves, and grow their appreciation of their intuitive selves to develop their true potential and live more fully.