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What we’re about

At Tuleyome, we believe that everyone deserves access to the outdoors. Our nationally award winning program (previously Home Place Adventures) encourages people of all ages to become more connected to and involved with the natural world that surrounds us. Join us for hikes, trail days, and family friendly outdoor education.

Tuleyome was founded in 2002 as a volunteer advocacy-oriented nonprofit conservation organization. Our mission is:"Tuleyome engages in advocacy and active stewardship with diverse communities to conserve, enhance, restore, and enjoy the lands in the region."

At Tuleyome we “live” our mission every day: we preserve and restore wild habitat, we build and repair trails, we educate the public about local conservation and environmental issues, we engage young people through our youth program, we demonstrate a good “land stewardship” ethic by maintaining the easements and properties we own under the scope of our land trust component, and we run campaigns that have a long lasting positive effect on the region.

It is our hope that our work will inspire members of the public to protect, restore, and enjoy the natural landscape in the Northern Inner Coast Range.

We're Tuleyome. Join us in the outdoors!