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In Tune Within - Holistic Centre we hold events & Sacred Space to help people:

- Hear Their True Inner Voice

- Reconnect with Their Heart & Soul

- Welcome Their Soul Potential

- Learn how to Honour Their Authentic Self

- Find New Life Balance = Body, Mind, Heart & Soul Connection

- Let Go of Layers of Conditionings

- Experience & learn more about Energy, Healing, Spiritual Awakening

- and beyond these topics ....

We welcome you to explore and experience it for yourself.



Anna Bojaryn

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Celebration of Life - Sound bath

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Hello Beautiful.

Welcome to our Sound Bath!!!

We will be meeting together to celebrate Life and our time here on Earth.
I sometimes feel that we get to many struggles and doing, and forget about life being this wonderful journey of many experiences. May is a very special month for me and every year I feel more alive in this month. I would love for all of us to take a moment to pause, to notice how far we went, how many experiences we gathered, and how many people we had met. I would love to create for us a healing space where we can release, forgive and let go - and also the space where we can invite love, joy, peace, health & wealth back to our hearts.

In these Sound Bath, I use the combination of different instrument playing from the native drum, Nepalian Gong, Mars Gong, shakers, singing bowls, chimes, and our voice.
It is a very healing and deep experience, people have undergone lovely feelings of peace, and calmness of mind, some felt more joyful, and others had deep emotional releases. This is a very personal experience for everyone, as you will be surrendering yourself to the sounds.
It is always a magical and powerful experience :-)
I invite you to this wonderful mediation, sound, and healing evening with my heart.
The program is full-on with magical connections, light language activations, and a very powerful inner shift in body, heart & consciousness. It is a Spiritual experience. It is open for regulars and First-timers.

In these 90 minutes you will be:

- Experiencing guided meditation, to connect with your heart and life.

- Clearing energy blockages in the heart centre, and the rest of the body.

- Relaxing with the sounds, and allowing them to take you on the journey within.

- Sounding together and sending light & peace to the world. This is a beautiful way to add to higher vibrations on the planet. It is very important as a collective produces more fear than love at the moment. By sounding we raise our vibrations and also the collective.
Bring your loved ones and let's open our hearts and restore connections.

- open heart and mind,
- you want to create for yourself a comfortable warm nest, maybe some pashmina and layers to keep you cosy, an eye mask for a deeper sound experience,
- a bottle of water,
- & your loving heart :-)

DATE: 22/05/22

TIME: start arriving from 7:35 pm to 7:45 pm - make sure to be on time as we might close the door. Starting 7:45 !! If you are late more than 5 minutes I won't be able to let you in as will be guiding meditation - so please be on time!!
If you will be late - let me know and we will do everything in our power to let you in - but please plan your journey upfront and give some spare time.

Please organise your parking ahead.


Early Bird: £20 - till Friday 20 of May - then regular tickets option only.
Regular £25

To book use:
Eventbrite link - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/330592510097

PayPal - [masked] (use the friends and family option)

To avoid fees contact for bank details.

If you feel that you would love to connect with loving and caring people, and also receive upliftment, and healing for yourself - JOIN US IN !!!!!

You can find out more about since behind sound healing in these videos:

https://youtu.be/O7MmSfo5b9U - Bruce Lipton explains how it works

https://youtu.be/yUNqN0G-7Zw - blood tests after 20 minutes of Gong

Please note that these events are designed to bring energy healing to your whole being on many levels, which sometimes can bring out an old emotional layer to clear. If this happens – please stay aware of what is taking place and allow for it to process. You are always welcome to email me after and you will receive guidance.

Minimum age 18 for individuals.

If you wish to bring your children - they are welcome - but I feel the minimum age is 14.

If you have any physical or long-term illnesses and want to take part in the event please check it with yourself, as you are taking full responsibility at this point for yourself and your participation. You can also email me or call for a quick chat and I can answer your concerns if you have any:

Find my details on tunewithin.co.uk

I am genuinely excited to create this beautiful sacred space for you!!! See You Soon!!!

Namaste and Many Blessings

Anna Bojaryn
Intuitive Healer

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Reconnect with your body - Yin Yoga & Sound

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