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What we’re about

Web developer bootcamp in Torino, Italy.

If you want to learn how to code, and you want to learn in good company, you are in the right meetup.
What is this Meetup about? We meet every Monday to learn coding together, starting from scratch. If you did something before, join us anyway. Everyone starts from his or her actual level, and goes on. We use FreeCodeCamp and CodeWars, depending on your level. Bring you laptop if you can!

Who are we? Turn into Coders, founded by Matteo Giaccone computer science engeneer and web developer, is a coding bootcamp in Torino. Our bootcamp is made of different parts:
- 8 intensive weeks of workshops and projects;
- 4 weeks developing project development;
- 8 weeks mentorship and support to your first job in web developing.

More, if you need it, we are arranging a few weeks before the bootcamp starts to finish the pre-requisites.

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