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What we’re about

The scenario: You are young, probably single without family obligations, and in a new city.  You don't know anyone local from school or growing up. The people at work, where you spend most of your days, are much older than you are. You are uncomfortable checking out new places by yourself. It dawns on you that making friends that you want to meet regularly is not easy. How do people make friends in the real world? It was so much easier in school!

There is a need for a YOUNG group of new college grads and young professionals, the 20 somethings who are in the same life stage. There are other "20s and 30s" groups but those seem to lean more towards the older end of the spectrum and don't properly serve the 20s demographic. If you've recently moved to the area, post-college or for work, and are missing your old friends or having trouble making new ones, this is the group for you! If you've ever wanted to go out and do something only to realize that you don't have other similar aged acquaintances you'd enjoy doing those things with, you found the purpose of this social club.

This is not meant to be a typical meetup group, with lame events, sporadic attendance, and awkward interactions. We started this group to create a network of young professionals in our area that can go do a variety of activities that can be casual and fit into busy schedules. We're looking for people who want to invest in their local community, enrich their social calendar, and get out and do stuff. If things go well, We  hope this will be the only meetup group you need to look at while living in Dallas.

A few of things we hope to do monthly is happy hours, weekend bar crawls, weekend trips, pickup sports, hiking, boating, paintball, trivia nights, dinners, brunch, concerts, brewery tours, wine tastings, sporting events. You know, typical stuff that people our age like to do. This is not a dating group, or a singles group, though hopefully some of you can find a special someone if you are looking. Please be mature, kind, open to meeting new people, have some education past high school, and be between the ages of 21 and 31. Invite your friends and lets prove that life after college doesn't have to suck!