What we're about

Estuary is a network of small groups created by Paul Vanderklay and John Van Donk. Here is a description of what Estuary is, directly from John's Estuary page:

Estuary is a place…

-where people with different beliefs and worldviews can meet and get to know each other
-where generally accepted church dogma is examined in the light of a wider intellectual context
-where all questions are welcome
-for the intellectually curious
-where anyone is welcome to participate in honest conversation about sometimes difficult questions

Is Estuary a Place for Me?

Here you can come, and explore. We like to talk about the deeper things of life, of meaning, and purpose, of freedom, and agency, of powers natural and divine, and of how we may know anything at all. We may explore the teachings of people like John Vervaeke, Jonathan Pageau, Jordan Peterson, C.S. Lewis, Paul VanderKlay, or other public intellectuals.

Perhaps you have never been inside any church or maybe you have been going to church for years but have never been able to ask the really hard questions about life that you want to. You are not alone!

The very fact that you have come to this page suggests that you are a thinking person, someone who is not afraid to tackle some of the hard questions of life. Questions about meaning and purpose, questions about life and death, questions about suffering and evil.

We like to think that through Estuary you will find various resources that you may find helpful as you contemplate some of those hard questions. And perhaps be introduced to some people who, like you, are interested in these deeper, compelling, and important conversations, people you may be able to converse with on your own terms. 

We decided to take a stab at getting a Twin Cities Estuary going. We'd love for you to check it out!

Past events (4)

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Estuary - February Meetup

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Estuary - January Meetup

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