• Village Games Saturday Boardgaming

    Village Games

    Start time is listed as 3pm (because that's when I get there), although Village Games does open at noon on Saturday and does have a selection of used boardgames to play.

  • GameNight! CHANGED (due to Easter)... so we go to The Chatterbox Pub instead!

    Our regular location down there in Eagan (the Union 32 Craft House) had the AUDACITY to close for Easter! Well, a little setback like that can't stop GameNight!,... so we go to a NEW place that I think you will like a lot: The Chatterbox Pub in Minneapolis! I went here recently and saw that this place would be perfect for a GameNight! Not only are they a funky old bar with classic pub grub that was tasty and affordable, but OMG.... the beer selection was the best I've found at any bar recently. Best of all, the owner, Steve, is a big supporter of boardgames. They have a selection of oldies (like Sorry!, Yahtzee, Connect Four, Boggle, and others), but they ALSO have space setup to play classic videogames like Atari 2600, Nintendo, and Sega Genesis! Get your inner kid on! Bring a kid.... they won't care, it would be cool! Here are a bunch of links with more information.... http://www.chatterboxpub.net/ http://www.chatterboxpub.net/images/pfd/Midtown%20menu%20July.pdf http://www.chatterboxpub.net/images/pfd/Midtown%20Desserts%202014.pdf http://www.chatterboxpub.net/images/pfd/Midtown%20Beverages%20July.pdf http://www.chatterboxpub.net/menu/Atari,%20Nintendo,%20Sega%20&%20Board%20Games.pdf Your assignment, is find a way to get there. Yes... I know that Minneapolis is a long-distance phone call from your home. Give it a try. Your comfort zone will thank you for doing the right thing.... Good enough? Great, let's get together this coming Sunday night at a NEW spot to place some boardgames! • What to bring.... Bring yourself, any friends you would like to have along, maybe some boardgames that you own and want to play with other folks. Money to support the location with food and beverage purchases is always thoughtful too! • Important to know.... We have a big area of the restaurant reserved just for us. Go to the back of the bar side, take a left into the main seating area, (going past the restrooms), go to the back area and look for all your regular Sunday night friends. Grab a nametag, a beer, a pizza, or just a boardgame to play.... ....ENJOY THE FUN! Call/text Chris (your host/organizer) at[masked] if you need extra help or information. HAPPY EASTER! (the next four or five weeks will be dedicated to spring, summer, and fall)

  • Anything Goes Board Gaming!

    Level Up Games

    Join us for Game Night at Level Up Games every Monday night. Make new friends, socialize and have some fun! You can learn a new game or bring an old favorite; either way you are sure to enjoy yourself. A large variety of games are available in the store's demo library (please handle with care - games can be expensive). Indulge you sense of adventure! Enjoy the evening with other casual gamers. Start time is 5:00 PM, with some arriving early and most staying to store close. Ample off-street strip mall parking Outside food and beverage allowed. In order to provide a safe, secure, pleasant and fun experience & environment, we expect all participants & guests to behave in an orderly, mature and responsible manner - - respecting the facility and the rights & dignity of others at all times.

  • Tower Games: Monday Game Night

    Tower Games

    Tower Games in Minneapolis hosts a Board Game night each and every Monday. We have a regular group of amazing guests and we are always looking for more. We play pretty much any board game out there, from classic euro games to the new hotness. Guests are always welcome to bring their own games, or you can choose from someone else's games. Our guests are welcome to bring dinner into the store or have food delivered. We also have drinks and snacks available for purchase. Come join us! We can't wait to meet you. NEW: GAME DEMOS!!! We have a vibrant group of great gamers who play recent Game Demo's including: Reef Guild Ball Processing If you haven't tried one of these amazing games and are interested in trying a demo, please let us know and we would be happy to play with you.

  • GameNight! at BIG LOUIE'S BAR & GRILL every Tuesday in Crystal

    Big Louie's Bar and Grill

    Join us on Tuesday nights for a weekly board game meetup at BIG LOUIE'S BAR and GRILL in Crystal. As a courtesy to our hosts, please buy some food or drinks and tip generously (we take up their tables for an entire night). Official start time is 5:00PM but if people show up early or later that's okay, too. Here is their menu link: http://biglouiesbarandgrill.com/files/bl/menu.pdf Here is their main website link: http://www.biglouiesbarandgrill.com/ We generally play "modern" board games as opposed to old standards like Monopoly or Scrabble. They run from light, breezy games that take 15-30 minutes or more up to "brain burner" ones that go for a couple of hours. But even if you haven't played board games since Candyland, don't be intimidated. Teaching games is something we do every meetup, and half the fun is learning something new. There are so many games out there that nobody has seen them all. If you have your own board-games, bring 'em! Hope to see you there! -- Your host, Chris Hoppe TTFN! • What to bring ... Bring yourselves! LOL ... and maybe any friend who you'd also like to play boardgames with. • Important to know P.S. .... Look for the boardgamers with piles of cardboard game boxes nearby. Signage may be displayed to help you spot the group... Call or text Chris Hoppe if you need more information or help at:[masked]

  • Board Game Night at Games by James Southdale

    Games by James - Southdale

    Games by James in Southdale invites you to come to the store and play games!!! We have tables and chairs for 28 players, and if more than 28 people arrive we can spill over into the mall's soft seating or even into the food court (which is right around the corner.) We have a wide variety of demo games in the store that you can try, or feel free to bring one of your own!

  • Open Gaming at Eagan Level Up Games

    Level Up Games — Eagan

    Level Up Games has opened a location in Eagan on Diffley Road. The address is 1004 Diffley Road, 55123. They are in the same building as the Mathnasium. Tuesday night has been set aside as Family Game Night. Bring your games or just show up at 6:15 and join us for an evening of fun. They sell some snacks and beverages but they do allow outside food. Bring your own games or try one from their game library. Non members of the Meetup group show up for their game night as well as us but there is still plenty of room.

  • Coffee & Games hosted by Caribou Coffee and Games by James

    Games by James and Caribou Coffee are co-hosting weekly game nights! Feel free to swing by and try one of our demo games, or feel free to bring some of your own!

  • Game at FFGEC

    Fantasy Flight Games Event Center

    Euro/designer/hobby game night at Fantasy Flight Games Event Center. We generally have 4-6 tables going (at least) and get a wide variety of games on the table. Bring your own games, ask to borrow someone else's, or choose from a large collection of public games on their wall! If you're new to hobby games, come check out the Game Center and the group, there's always someone happy to teach the rules. Even if there are not a lot of people RSVP'd there is always 20-40 board gamers in attendance on Wednesday nights.

  • Thursday Night Gamers: Open Gaming at Davanni's - Richfield

    Davanni's Pizza & Hot Hoagies

    It's another Thursday night game meetup! Please bring your favorites, we'll play what we can, majority will decide what gets played. Teenagers to adults are welcome. Hope to see you on Thursday!