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This meetup combines two of my favorite things: Comedy and Drinking.

The Minneapolis area has several great venues for live comedy including standup, improv, and sketch, so let's experience it and make some new friends at the same time.

The Minneapolis area also has a number of wineries and wine bars. I like wine, but drinking alone has such a social stigma, so Meetup to the rescue. Expect to see events at wineries, wine bars, restaurants with nice wine lists, house parties, and the occasional wine bus.

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Zach Martina at Acme

Acme Comedy Co

August is my birthday month. That means I get 3 free tickets to Acme (normally $15). Three isn't very many, though it's 3 more than zero (yeah, I'm good at math). So who else has an August birthday? If you do, let me know and we can combine free tickets and see how big of a group we can get. Show starts at 8. Let's meet at 6:30 in the atrium to eat, drink, and socialize. Some of you may have seen a similar event posted for 8/22. Unfortunately, Acme won't let you use bday tickets for "special guests", so I had to cancel that one. This is the replacement event for that (the Thursday show with Joe List was "special" too). I don't know anything about him except for a picture and what his bio says (which I pasted for you below). Hey, its free - if we get enough bday people (as of this posting, we already have two bday peeps, which is 8 tickets). "Thus far, life has exceeded the expectations of Zach Martina. He certainly never thought some stranger would be reading to find out more about him but here we are. Here’s what you need to know – He loves his wife, his daughters are a constant source of inspiration, and his hair is real. Also worth noting - he’s not angry, he’s just passionate about the inane topics he chooses to ponder. HE’S NOT SCREAMING; HE’S MAKING SURE YOU HEAR HIM!!! Zach brings his big energy to crowds across America delivering dark jokes in a delightful manner while pointing the finger of blame at everyone except himself. In addition to his debut album “Skunkman” regularly spinning on Sirius/XM, you may have heard him on The Bonfire with Big Jay Oakerson & Dan Soder or the hit podcast Dumb People Town with the Sklar Brothers & Daniel Van Kirk. He’s performed as part of Rock on the Range & the Best of the Midwest at Gilda’s Laughfest (among others) in addition to sharing the stage with the likes of Rory Scovel, Big Jay Oakerson, The Sklar Brothers, Chad Daniels, Joe List, & Sean Patton. He hopes you like him –then maybe more people will like him and those closest to him will stop calling comedy his “hobby”."

Join the Monthly Pint at Inbound

Inbound BrewCo

Inbound. Indeed. Insight. So many "in" places here in the Cities (do Invictus and Inventors count too?). Join the Monthly Pint for their August Pint at Inbound. Lots of choices. Lots of space. Lots of food. Well, one food truck, but that's 1 more than a lot of places have on a Wednesday. Looks like Market BBQ on the 21st. They are in Crafttapped and Sidewalk Dog, so if you have one of those passes, you're drinking for cheap.

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Parley Lake Winery

Parley Lake Winery

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