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Technology Driving You Crazy? You Aren't Alone!

Take Back Control with Ubuntu

The technology industry is not working for you. It is working to marginalize you and to profit from you. Luckily, there is an alternative:

(pronounced ooo-boon-too)

The technology industry would like you to believe that Ubuntu is just one of many versions of "Linux" and is substitutable with anything else that is "open source." So would some other groups. Don't fall for it!

  1. Linux is a kernel, and
  2. Freedom-respecting systems (like Ubuntu) are all unique.
  3. Ubuntu is a deep, vast, and diverse project.

The technology industry likes it when people are divided as it fosters confusion and ambiguity. Ubuntu offers the one thing they dread most: unity. (Pun intended).

We're here to show you why Ubuntu is the most compelling solution for your computing needs on everything from your Aunt's mobile phone to your Professor's supercomputer, and everything in between. We're here to show you that when we all share information about and collaborate on an awesome system and project like Ubuntu, we can build a stronger local community in Vancouver and a thriving local ecosystem for innovation. We're determined to help stop the export of dollars to faraway places for technology that does not serve us.

There are many personal reasons you might want to learn about Ubuntu. Problems non-Ubuntu people typically encounter are:

  • Exploding email box
  • Non-stop anti-virus software
  • Frozen programs
  • Apps everywhere
  • Outrageous software prices
  • 24/7 Social networking
  • Ads, ads, and more ads

Ubuntu is a complete replacement for your current system. It has the following benefits:

  • Boots in less than 15 seconds on modern computers
  • Requires no licensing fees or payments
  • Has no viruses, malware, or ads
  • Gives you complete control of your experience

Got Questions? Come and Meet Us!

"Please join us for informative sessions about Ubuntu in Vancouver. Rediscover how computing can be a fun, easy and enjoyable experience. Get insight into the community aspects of Ubuntu in your city."

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Ubuntu = Software + Community.

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But Ubuntu (the software) is free! Why Members Only?

Our group is not avatars and software. We're also not anonymous. The "Members Only" notice is there to protect and respect the privacy of our group members and to encourage face-to-face interaction. We're an all-ages, diverse, local and face-to-face community. Join us and see for yourself.