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What we’re about

Rochester UFO Meetup Group was founded in April 2008 with just 20 members for our first meeting. We now have over 300-plus members. We are a PRIVATE group and non-members cannot attend our meetings and a non-member cannot see anyone's information. However, our member's may bring a guest or guests, up to 5, but they must be added to your RSVP.
To be approved, our policy of a FULL FACE ONLY photo of JUST friends, no PETS, no sunglasses, just your full face, please! This is required by all new members. We do this for the privacy of our members, including those who have had experiences, abductions and sightings.
Please use your REAL legal name (last name optional). Example Bill or William. No initials, please!
Our monthly meetings are always on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. We start at 6:00PM to 8:30PM. Since Covid, we now ZOOM our monthly meetings for many top Ufologists, researchers, speakers and presenters into our group. 
Our Co-organizer, Carol Shaffer and I go to as many UFO conferences as we can and keep up with the current news to share with the group. The majority of our members are well versed on this topic and our 'newbies' learn fast. We love that!
For specific reasons, no one under 18 is permitted to attend these meetings.
NOTE: You should live within a 30-40 mile radius to ensure participation in meetings. If you don't attend meetings regularly/semi-regularly, you won't get anything out of them.
New members can ask questions on the topics they don't understand or know about. If you're new to this topic, you'll learn fast with our meetings, just ask a question and we'll give you all the information.