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Rochester UFO Meetup Group was founded in April 2008 with just 20 members for that first meeting. As of February 2020 we now have 314 members of which 30 to 45+ attend our monthly meetings. Our member Richard Dolan was our first speaker back in 2008 and continues to attend our meetings when not out of town. We have continued to SKYPE (free) many top Ufologists to present to our group. My co-organize, Carol Shaffer and I go to as many UFO conferences as we can and keep up with the current news to share with the group. The majority of our members are well versed on this topic. Our 'newbies' learn fast. We love that!

Our policy of a full face photo of just you is required by all members. We are a private group and no non-member can see your profile or photo. We do this for the privacy of those members, who have had experiences, abductions and sightings and to help members put a face with the name.

Please use your real legal name (last name optional). Example Bill or William. This helps organizers and members put a face with your name. Non-members can not see our private contact info, or your profile info.

NOTE: We would like you to live within a 30-50 mile radius to ensure participation in meetings. If you don't attend meetings regularly/semi-regularly, you won't get anything out of them.

For specific reasons, no one under 18 is permitted to attend these meetings.

Richard Dolan, historian, researcher, author, publisher, international speaker is a member of this group from day one and was our first speaker back in April 2008. He spoke on..."The Alien Agenda".

Who We Are: Our group is for serious minded adults interested in the UFO/UAP phenomena and world affairs within that topic.

We discuss various other current world news situations of special, or critical significance. Especially now with the Pentagon be outed in Dec. 2017, but more currently fully admitting there are UFOs on May 20th, 2019. About time, as they've been lying to us and the world for well over 75 years, since the Roswell crash.

We'd like you to have some knowledge on this subject to keep up with our general discussions. Many of our members are very knowledgeable and our meetings are always interesting as well as educational. Member participation is always encouraged. Your guests are always welcome. If you're new to this topic, you'll learn fast with our meetings, just ask a question and we'll give you the information.

We'll welcome your input!

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