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NOTE: We would like you to live within a 30-50 mile radius to ensure participation in meetings. If you don't attend meetings regularly/semi-regularly, you won't get anything out of them.

For specific reasons, no one under 18 is permitted to attend these meetings.

Richard Dolan, historian, researcher, author, publisher, international speaker is a member of this group from day one and was our first speaker back in April 2007. He spoke on..."The Alien Agenda".

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Who We Are: Our group is for serious minded adults interested in the UFO phenomena and world affairs. In 2019 this group has been active for 12 years.

We discuss various other current world news situations of special, or critical significance. Especially now with the Pentagon fully admitting there are UFOs on May 20th, 2019. About time, as they've been lying to us and the world for 72 years, since the Roswell crash.

We'd like you to have some knowledge on this subject to keep up with our general discussions. Many of our members are very knowledgeable and our meetings are always interesting as well as educational. Member participation is always encouraged. Your guests are always welcome. If you're new to this topic, you'll learn fast with our meetings.

We often invite internationally known UFO researchers to SKYPE in, or if available to come in person to our monthly meetings to present to our group. For those meetings there is a speakers fee, with the guest's speaking fee, hotel overnight accommodations, often a 2 night stay due to distance of their travel, all meals and dinner immediately following the meeting which is open to members, also breakfast the next day before they leave, transportation to and from the airport. If they are close enough and want to drive, we pay their travel expenses for gas & tolls both ways, one over-night accommodation, all meals and breakfast the day they leave, etc. We charge $25.pp to $35.pp for our speakers fee depending on what they charge for coming here and our speakers package.

Past Guests who have SKYPED in, or come in person .......

· Our 1st out of town speaker back in 2008 was Stanton Friedman, nuclear physicist and the original civilian investigator of the 1947 Roswell incident. He came back last year for 2 days to speak with us again. Stanton died May 13, 2019, on his way home from a speaking tour.

· Nick Pope, author, journalist. He worked for years in the UFO Division of the British Ministry of Defense.

· George Knapp, Week-end Host of Coast to Coast Radio, investigative reporter at KLAS-TV, Las Vegas, known for breaking the story of Bob Lazar at Area 51.

· Linda Moulton Howe, investigative journalist, documentary producer and author on animal mutilation and crop circles.She will be returning in the fall of 2018 in person.

· George Noory (twice) weekday host of "Coast to Coast" radio has called in several times

· Angela Joiner, investigative reporter on the Stephenville UFO case.

· Command Sergeant Major Robert O. "Bob" Dean, retired US Army, known as the "Officer and a Gentleman", who had access to "the Assessment", a Cosmic Top Secret Military file on Cold War UFOs.

· Stephen Bassett, Executive Producer of the April 29 to May 3, 2013, Citizen Hearings on UFO Disclosure, held in Washington, DC at the National Press Club attended by former Congressmen and many media outlets.

· Derrel Sims, TV's "Alien Hunter" Guest on Ancient Aliens

· Peter Robbins from Ithaca, NY. Peter comes up several times a year to speak and visit. He speaks on many topics of interest.

· Michael J. Murphy, CHEM TRAIL Journalist, Documentary Film Maker and Producer of: "What in the World Are They Spraying?” "Why in the World Are They Spraying" and we'll invite him back for "Who in the World is Spraying".

· Brazil Ufologist, A. J. Gevaerd - Editor of Revista UFO Magazine, Founder and Director of the Brazilian Center for Flying Saucer Research.

· Jim Marrs, (Sadly, Jim passed away on Aug. 2nd, 2017, at home after a brief illness. He is greatly missed. Jim was a researcher, author, journalist and "New York Times" bestselling author. Jim is a prominent figure in the JFK conspiracy with his bestselling book "CROSSFIRE". It was the source for Oliver Stone's film JFK.

· Lloyd Pye, (Sadly, Lloyd passed away Dec. 9th, 2013 after a long battle with cancer. He will also be greatly missed. Lloyd had presented twice via SKYPE on the Starchild Skull and what he believed to be its Alien DNA. However, in May, 2017, the Starchild Skull was confirmed to be 100% human after several DNA tests.

· NYS MUFON Director Jim Bouck, Jr., (recently retired) who presented his book: "Ufos Above the Law: True Encounters With Law Enforcement".

· Dr. Steven Cox Western NY MUFON, Chief Investigator and retired law enforcement, author of "Military Response to UFO Activity".

• Travis Walton: Abducted by Aliens in a UFO, witnessed by 6 co-workers on November 5, 1975. Was gone for 5 days, was returned on the 5th day. Well documented abduction, SKYPED in twice. Travis flew in from Arizona in April 2017 to present to our group.

· Jennifer Stein, Director of the Main Line MUFON Philadelphia, PA. Jennifer is also the Producer/Director of a 2-year-in-the-making documentary: "TRAVIS: The True Story of Travis Walton". She is a Pennsylvania State Section Director and a trained field investigator for MUFON. Jennifer is also a long time member of the Noetic Sciences Organization after a meeting in 1973 with Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 Astronaut.

· MAY 2016 brought Mike Bastine from Buffalo. Mike is an Algonquin Elder, healer and Storyteller. He will spoke on the "Star People" (ET's) who have communicated with Native Americans for centuries.

· June, 2016 the Hon. Paul Hellyer, Toronto, Canada. Retired Defense Minister and Parliament member discussed the ET and UFO presence on this planet.

· July 2016 had a great SKYPE presentation and Power-Point with Kathleen Marden, niece of Betty Hill of the famous abduction case of Betty and Barney Hill while returning to New Hampshire from vacation.

· August, 2016 Nick Redfern in person. Nick is a British best-selling author, researcher, Ufologist and Cryptozoologist now living in Texas. Nick will return again in 2018.

· In November, 2016 Stan Gordon in person, from Western Pennsylvania to talk on Bigfoot with UFO encounters and also the Kecksburg UFO incident which occurred on Dec 9, 1965, at Kecksburg (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kecksburg,_Pennsylvania), PA. Stan is a long time researcher, an in-field investigator of UFOs and other Paranormal encounters in Pa.

• In December, 2016 Our old friend Peter Robbins, in person returned again to present on something new and different. Media not talking this topic seriously.

Presenting in 2017, Feb. meeting Richard Dolan presents in person. Rich also spoke several more times at our "Open Discussion" nights..

April 2017 Meeting: Travis Walton, in person. Showed his 90 minute award winning documentary "Travis: The True Story of Travis Walton", with Q and A that followed. We love Travis!

May 2017 Meeting: Ryan Sprauge in person, discuss his book, "Somewhere in the Skies" and showed experiencers stories.

Sept 2017 Chase Kloetzke SKYPED in right after the hurricane ht Georgia with an exciting presentation for 3 hours!

Oct. 2017 Nuclear Physicist Stanton Friedman .

Nov. 2017 Richard Dolan New information on Roswell.

Dec. 2017 Richard Dolan on various topics with Power-point.

March 2018 Peter Robbins in person on James Forrestal, US Navy. Did he jump or was he pushed.

April 2018 Grant Cameron SKYPE . Cancelled, he was traveling.

May 2018 Cheryl Costa

Sept 2018 Rev. Michael Carter presents on ET's and UFO's in the Holy Bible

(I'll add the more current speakers soon)

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