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What we’re about

Hi there! Welcome to the UK Trance Society (UKTS)!

We aim to unite trance fans from all corners of the UK and to make this a great community for trance music meet ups, discussions and to make new raving friends. :)

Have a look at our upcoming events and RSVP. We would love to meet you. After you have attended three Meetup events you can be added to our Whatsapp groups. We have several running, one for everything trance related and a bunch of others for everything else!

1. Please upload a profile picture with a clear face (without sunglasses etc.) so we know who to look for at events. This is our #1 rule for a reason and helps keep everyone safe.

2.  UKTS is about bringing people together, so please treat your fellow trancers with love and respect. Racism, threats, harassment or other forms of violence/abuse will not be tolerated. Spam, references to drugs or any other inappropriate posts will be removed and may result in a ban.

3. To maintain our close group we are encouraging people to attend our pre-meets. If you are unable to attend the pre-meet please update your RSVP on Meetup to let our hosts know. WhatsApp groups will be created for every event so everyone can coordinate and meet each other on the day. If you are only able to make the main event that's also fine, don't forget to tell the host so the group can pick you up later.

4. We may remove members who (repeatedly) RSVP and then fail to show up for the event or people who have been inactive on Meetup for more than 6 months.

We look forward to seeing you on the dance floor!

Meanwhile... check out our socials:

We also have a podcast series:

***UKTS VIP Membership:
If you want to help contribute to UKTS's running costs, why not become a VIP Member? It's only £12/annum, or you can just make an ad-hoc donation if you want. Sign-up here:

And when we are ready to launch some merch, you'll find that here:

If you experience any issues/problems feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help out.

Hon Pang (Founder), Sebastiaan Zijl, Paul Roberts, Alan Gay, Rachel Page, Tim Hollins

Roxie Pandrea, Birgitte Gorholt, Scott Archer, Beatrix Hegedus, Rathin Sawhney, Eric Nuyen, Ed Stannard, Ann Brown, Ells Hamblin, Michael Paske

If you agree to host an event and be the main point of contact, you need to carry out the following tasks:

1. Find a suitable meet up location, preferably somewhere nice and not too busy
2. Set a time when the group will be meeting and when you plan to move to the venue.
3. Create a WhatsApp chat one to two days before the event and post the link on the meetup page. 
4. Please arrive on time – if you are running late please let people know. 
5. Introduce yourself and new arrivals to group. Try and be friendly and accessible. Keep track of where everyone is during the night and keep an eye on the WhatsApp group to see that no-one is lost or stuck on their own etc.
6. We encourage members to provide feedback on their hosts so we can acknowledge what we are doing right and what we need to improve.