• London Tech Week Meet-Up @ Northeastern University London (Sign-Up Below)

    Northeastern University London

    In Celebration of London Tech Week, Northeastern University London is hosting a tech meet-up on the evening of June 13th, 2023. The event will provide an opportunity for the tech community to come together and celebrate the week’s achievements. We are excited to announce that our guest tech company for the event is MoonHub, who will be featuring their immersive technology. Attendees can look forward to networking with like-minded professionals and engaging with industry experts to discuss the latest trends and developments in the tech sector. The event will include interactive discussions and opportunities to learn from experienced individuals in the industry. It will be a platform for individuals passionate about technology and innovation to share their ideas and gain insights from others. The event is expected to attract a diverse range of professionals, including entrepreneurs, software developers, data analysts, designers, and more. It will be a great opportunity to build valuable relationships within the tech community.

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