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What we’re about


Grand Prairie Unity Game Devs: Collaborate, Code & Create
🎮 Welcome to the Grand Prairie Unity Game Devs Meetup! 🎮

Are you passionate about game development? Looking for a community where you can grow your skills, share your expertise, and collaborate on amazing projects? You've come to the right place!

🌟 Who We Are 🌟
We are a group of aspiring and experienced game developers based in Grand Prairie, TX, who are united by our love for Unity and game creation. The plan is to work together to create some games and eventually showcase these at some different conferences!

🎯 What We Do 🎯
Game Showcases: Bring your game or game idea, no matter how polished or raw, and get constructive feedback from fellow developers.
Code Reviews & Troubleshooting: Stuck on a bug? Need advice on best practices? Our collective expertise can help!
Networking: Find like-minded individuals to collaborate with on projects, or even your next co-founder!
Community Support: Whether you’re looking for resources, mentorship, or just a dose of inspiration, we’re here for you!
📅 When & Where 📅
This is currently to be determined. Lets get some people in the group and then decide! I am a fan of in person meetups myself.

🎉 Why You Should Join 🎉
Learn and Grow: Gain new perspectives, improve your coding skills, get inspiration!
Collaborate: Team up with other devs and bring your game ideas to life.
Network: Build valuable connections in the industry, from potential partners to future employers.

🙋‍♀️ Who Should Join? 🙋‍♂️
Everyone from Unity novices to seasoned pros are welcome! All you need is a love for game development and a willingness to collaborate and contribute.

👾 So what are you waiting for? Come join the Grand Prairie Unity Game Devs Meetup and let’s turn our game development dreams into reality! 👾