• 3 Doors Down & Food Booths! Mardi Gras at Universal - Saturday February 25th

    Glad you can join us! Please read all the details below:

    All attendees must be at least 18 years old to join this adult event, preferred 21 and older because of possible alcohol consumption.

    We will be meeting instead right outside Starbucks (the usual meet up location), under the walkway at the first table, when you're walking into CityWalk at 5:45pm. We will take off at 6pm and head into Universal, where we will eat at the various Mardi Gras food booths throughout the park.

    Note: It may take 30 to 45 minutes to get through security.

    We will head to the concert at 8:30pm, this is part of the Mardi Gras Live Concert series at Universal Studios.

    This is a social group and I encourage everyone to talk and make everyone feel comfortable and included in conversation.

    Please leave plenty of time to get to the meeting location, it may take 15 - 30 minutes from parking to getting to the location. (It's much quicker if you get there early).

    You must have your own annual pass! Watch out for blackout dates if you have a Power or Seasonal Pass!!

    The intention of this group is to form friendships who are like minded, enjoy being social and engaging, and who have annual passes.

    If you have to leave the group for any reason, please do so at any time. It may be hard to "jump back in" since messaging can be difficult with a lot of people. You can ask where we are on the chat on Meetup however it may take a while for someone to respond.

    I will keep this a free group however, if you enjoyed your time, donations will be accepted only to cover the recurring maintenance costs of this group.

    I help run other Meetup groups and am familiar with hosting events. Any unwanted or uncomfortable behavior will be noted and/or challenged and you may be asked to leave the group or may not be welcomed back. Anyone asked to leave will be banned from future meetups with our group.

    Thank you, I want to make sure everyone feels welcome, comfortable, and safe with us!