• “A Field Guide to Getting Lost” by Rebecca Solnit: let’s read and discuss!

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    This time we’re getting lost, but with a field guide! Our pick is Rebecca Solnit’s exploration on wandering, being lost and the uses of the unknown! It’s a short, personal book first published in 2006.

    > Solnit is interested in the stories we use to navigate our way through the world, and the places we traverse, from wilderness to cities, in finding ourselves, or losing ourselves. While deeply personal, her own stories link up to larger stories, from captivity narratives of early Americans to the use of the color blue in Renaissance painting, not to mention encounters with tortoises, monks, punk rockers, mountains, deserts, and the movie Vertigo. The result is a distinctive, stimulating voyage of discovery.

    You can find more information and reviews on the GoodReads page!

    Curious? Then order a copy at your local book shop or online:
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    The author is also on Twitter: @RebeccaSolnit

    We usually discuss in English and/or German, depending on which languages are present, but most likely the conversation will be in English. You definitely don’t need a literature degree to participate! It’s important to us to listen to each other, to treat everyone with respect and to create a safe setting.

    The discussion takes place virtually in Zoom and the meeting link will be added to this event and on the day it happens. Just check back here half an hour before the meetup starts!

    We usually discuss for 1.5-2 hours. It doesn’t matter if you have actually finished the book – everyone is welcome, as long as they have read at least a few pages and bring their impression.