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UnternehmerTUM offers founders and start-ups a complete service, from the initial idea all the way to IPO. A team of experienced entrepreneurs, scientists and managers supports founders with the development of their products, services and business models. The experts accompany them actively with building up their companies, market entry and financing – also via Venture Capital.

As the leading center for innovation and start-ups, we bring together a community that creates value for good. Facing challenges of society, we're on a search for solutions, drive technology beyond the status quo and empower people through education to make a difference.

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Urban Mobility Jam - InnovaCity 2022

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Our cities are growing and urban mobility is becoming an ever growing challenge in our metropolitan areas.

EIT Urban Mobility InnovaCity 2022 features a 3-day event in collaboration with Techstars Startup Weekend, co-located in two European cities: Munich & Barcelona.

UnternehmerTUM is proud to announce DENSO as the sponsor and partner of Techstars Startup Weekend Mobility Munich. They will be providing this year's challenge for Munich to be solved by you:

During this Urban Mobility Jam you can expect a creative space and field of exploration to build prototypes of future mobility together with industry partners and coaches and to further develop product ideas using the design thinking approach. This creates a unique platform attracting students, companies, staff of municipalities, start-ups and researchers in the area of mobility.

!!! Register HERE and join us at UnternehmerTUM in Munich for shaping the future of mobility !!!


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🚀 Are you considering applying for XPLORE Batch #4, 2022? 🚀

Whether you are an ambitious individual with a thirst for new challenges or a whole team of future founders determined to get your start-up project off the ground, XPLORE is the place to be!

With our highly practical pre-incubation program, we equip you with the tools, knowledge, and network needed to successfully navigate your start-up journey. We make you(r) start-up ready for the incubation phase and acquirement of first seed money!

We as the XPLORE core team will be #xplaining 😉 what to expect from the program in detail. Furthermore, we will be sharing information on your application and our unique matchmaking process.

❓ Then it's time for your questions. Ask us anything! ❓

We are looking forward to meeting you in our live session!

⏰Application is possible from June 17 until August 28, 2022, as START-UP or TALENT
▶ https://www.unternehmertum.de/en/services/xplore

To stay up to date - follow us on LinkedIn:
▶ https://www.linkedin.com/company/xplore-by-unternehmertum/


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Final Pitch Event - XPLORE Batch #2, 2022

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