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Travel is so much more than just visiting a place, taking pictures so you can show you’ve been there and moving onto the next place without another thought. For us, travel is all about those priceless experiencesof which you’ll still be sharing stories decades later.

We love being travelers, not tourists, by traveling in a laid-back style. We believe travel is all about stepping outside of the comfort zone; testing the boundaries and exploring the world that exists outside the familiar bubble. We strive to create as many memories and moments during our trip as possible.

We believe the beauty of travel is that it immerses you into new territories, opens your heart and soul, often changing and transforming your perspective on the world, meeting new people, learning new languages, relishing new cuisines, witnessing and appreciating different cultures, traditions and lifestyle.

We are committed to take the discerning travelers to explore the undisturbed areas to experience and appreciate nature and cultural heritage of the place. We support the hosts who preserve and maintain the ecological integrity of the environment and contribute to the development of the local community.

We invest time and resources researching to determine whether a trip appeals to our travel sensibilities to feature them.

We invite you to join us in a travel experience that positively impacts the people and places we treasure.

Travel like a local!!!

Warm regards,

R.P. Sarathy,


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