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We bring together DevOps/SRE/platform/cloud (you know how long the list is) professionals for heated debates, intimate podcasts and insightful presentations

Feel free to take a look at our article "I analyzed 290 booths at KubeCon - here are the DevOps trends for 2023"

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Get a new job in DevOps

Network event

489 attendees from 3 groups hosting

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Intro (5min)
Signs telling you to leave (15min) - Idan Lousky - Rookout
Improve LinkedIn (15min) - Youssef Lahbabi - Getir
Get noticed (15min) - Will Sutton - Energize
Q&A (10min)

Idan Lousky - Director Engineering at Rookout

Youssef Lahbabi - Talent Acquisition Business Partner - Tech at Getir

Will Sutton - Managing Consultant DevOps at Energize

How to use ChatGPT in DevOps

Network event

19 attendees from 4 groups hosting

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Have you tried to use ChatGPT in your DevOps work? We have - and along with Dheeraj and Ruv we want to share our learnings with you.

Dheeraj, VP of Cloud Automation, SRE and Product Security at Netapp, had his team testing various LLMs and AI alternatives to streamline their interface with developers. Reuven Cohen (or Ruv) is an official alpha tester for OpenAI, the creators of ChatGPT, and has mastered the use of GPT to get things done. They will be joined by Shaked Askayo, Kubiya.ai CTO, to discuss their experience with using various large language models (LLMs) including GPT-3 and GPT-4, LLaMA, and PaLM2.

Intro (5min)
Current Use Cases (10min)
Software options (10min)
Outlook (10min)
Recommendations for engineers (10min)
Q&A (15min)

Dheeraj Khanna - VP of Cloud Automation, SRE and Product Security at NetApp
Reuven Cohen - DevOps influencer and OpenAI alpha tester
Shaked Askayo - CTO & Co-founder at Kubiya (“ChatGPT for DevOps”)

Shani Shoham - CRO Kubiya [Moderator]

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Unleashing ITSM Excellence: A deep dive into ITIL4, Lean, Agile, DevOps

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