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What we’re about

Urban & Outdoor Survival
“If life could be extended even for one more day this would all be worth it”
Urban and Outdoor Survival’s goal is to prepare for all disaster scenarios whether they are natural or man-made. What happens when there’s no app for the predicament you may find yourself in? Or there’s no one on the other end of the 9-11 phone call? Whether it’s a natural occurrence or a man-made one, with the right plan; chance will always favor the prepared mind.
Do you have concerns? The concerns about our ever changing world and the concerns in our individual worlds around us as the planet seems to spin faster each year. We are seeking individuals who are interested in planning and sharing ideas, training and learning together how to help each other in the event we are presented with these very challenges. Here we will learn to prepare for these types of instances, teaching each other and learning from each other and growing as a well-rounded team. Urban & Outdoor Survival will offer in house workshops in the form of classes with hands on demonstrations and lectures in home preparedness; training events in the field, ranging from beginner level to the advanced level, bush craft skills as well as the running of emergency scenarios and drills from time to time to test our skills. We will also hold easy going camping trips to get to know each other as this builds camaraderie, the prefect ingredient for such a group. We are looking for likeminded individuals who are committed to the process of learning which means coming out to meetings and events. Yes it’s important that you show the group you are committed to learning but it’s much more important you prove this to yourself, in a time of need you are really going to be your greatest challenge, let us help you prepare and sharpen your skills for whatever may come at you. This is and will always be our goal; however there is fun to be had along the way and during the process as long as we are all honest to ourselves and to each other as to why we are here. \

This group has no religious or political affiliations all are welcome to join as long as you understand the rules and why you are here. Feel free to add your thoughts the process as we believe we all can learn from each other. \

Very important note please read carefully, misrepresenting yourself, misleading information on membership forms, conspiracy theories, fear-mongering, racist beliefs and/or statements will result in termination of membership. There is a Vetting process to determine if you will be granted membership, as our aim is to provide a safe environment for our members. It is also mandatory that you sign the group waiver before being allowed to attend field events.