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What we’re about

Who we are:
US Hiking & Backpacking Club (US-HBC) is an United States based outdoor group led by volunteers. Our mission is to model and contribute to a healthy life-style while leaving an ever-decreasing footprint.
US-HBC was founded in 2015 by, then, Washington, DC resident Jin Zhang, a passionate outdoor lover. In 2021 she created another outdoor club, Budget International Travel & Trek Club (BITTC), to focus on outdoor exploration via international travel, hiking and backpacking while making it affordable to most outdoor enthusiasts.

The Club promotes and supports both local and national hiking, trail maintenance and watershed cleanup organizations and participates in such volunteer endeavors.

Your participation in any club activity resulting in bodily injury and/or death, and personal and public property damage or losses is your sole responsibility. You are responsible for your own safety, preparedness and mental & physical wellbeing. You need to know your trip-related skill level, experience, physical fitness and medical condition. Event hosts may suggest alternative route to you for the benefit of yourself and the group. You are expected to be fully cooperative.

You are solely and fully responsible for any cost or fees accrued to you in case of search, rescue and evacuation involved.

Your attendance on any organized event signifies that you have read and accepted the terms of this liability waiver and absolve the US-HBC of any responsibility.

10 Essentials

We focus on hiking, bike-packing, backpacking, kayak/canoe paddling, touring and other activities.

These are the main activities US-HBC plans to have:.
Class A: Hiking and Backpacking.
Class B: Trip leading related training, skills & certificate classes.
Class C: Canoeing, Kayaking, SUP paddling, Swimming and Sailing.
Class D: Camping.
Class F: Trail maintenance & watershed cleaning voluntary events.
Class G: Sightseeing and traveling.
Class H: Other events hosted by the Club.
Class I: Other events not hosted by US-HBC leaders.
Class J: Other events cross posted by other groups.
Any success of a group depends on the contribution from all the members. We welcome and encourage all our Club members to participant in leadership by self-learning, training, co-leading and leading trips. It's a great personal growth and leadership skill learning opportunity.

“Pay it forward … according to need.”

(1) Everyone is welcome to join DC-HBC, free of charge. Members are encouraged to learn, to share and to grow through participating in our events.
(2) Members are expected to follow Hiking Etiquette and "Leave No Trace 7 Principles" while participating in hiking events.
(3) Members should try their best to avoid last minute cancelation or "NO SHOW" to the event they signed up. Unexpected things do happen, please change your RSVP or message the Event Host ASAP.

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