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Who we are:

US Hiking & Backpacking Club (US-HBC) is an US based outdoor group led all by volunteers. What the Club really does: "Teach what we learn; Share what we know".

The Club was founded in 2015 by a DC resident Jin Zhang, a passionate outdoor lover. In the early 2021 she created another outdoor club, Budget International Travel & Trek Club (BITTC), to focus on outdoor exploration on a budget to make international traveling, hiking and backpacking affordable to most of the outdoor lovers.

The Club promotes and supports local and national hiking trail maintenance and watershed cleanup organizations and participate in voluntary works.



All voluntary event hosts and trip leaders are NOT your paid trip guides, NOT park rangers, NOT professional rescue team members, NOT your personal caregivers or nurses. Participating in any type of activities will involve in uncertainty and risk resulting in bodily injury and/or death, and personal and public property damage or losses. You are responsible for your own safety, preparedness and mental & physical wellbeing. You need to know your trip-related skill level, experience, physical fitness and medical condition. Event hosts may suggest alternative route to you for the benefit of yourself and the group. You are expected to be fully cooperative.

You are solely and fully responsible for any cost or fees accrued to you in case of search, rescue and evacuation involved.

Your attendance on any organized event signifies that you have read and accepted the terms of this liability waiver.

10 Essentials

( http://hikesafe.com/uploads/PDFs/hike_safe_10_Essentials.pdf ).


We focus on hiking, backpacking, paddling, touring and other activities. We promote outdoor interests and healthy living through group outing in a friendly, safe and fun way.

Click here learn more about us (https://www.meetup.com/DC-HPC/about/) under the "Pages" section.

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Click for details. (https://www.meetup.com/DC-HBC/pages/JOINING_DC-HBC_LEADERSHIP_TEAM_and_GROW/)

We will focus on building up a strong leadership team. The club depends on all the members, volunteers, Active Event Organizers (AEO's) and all Division leaders for its growth. Please send me a message if you like to join our leadership team.


These are the main activities US-HBC plans to have:.

Class A: Hiking and Backpacking.

Class B: Trip leading related training, skills & certificate classes.

Class C: Canoeing, Kayaking, SUP paddling, Swimming and Sailing.

Class D: Camping.

Class F: Trail maintenance & watershed cleaning voluntary events.

Class G: Sightseeing and traveling.

Class H: Other events hosted by the Club.

Class I: Other events not hosted by US-HBC leaders.

Class J: Other events cross posted by other groups.

Any success of a group depends on the contribution from all the members. We welcome and encourage all our Club members to participant in leadership by self-learning, training, co-leading and leading trips. It's a great personal growth and leadership skill learning opportunity.


All the event fees collected will be invested into the Club to support our mission, cover Meetup.com listing fees, purchase maps, trail books and other hiking/trip leading related gears and supplies.

MEMBERS & MEMBERSHIP (https://www.meetup.com/DC-HPC/pages/Memberships_events_fees_and_Members_Conducts/)

(1) Everyone is welcome to join DC-HBC free of charge. Members are encouraged to learn, to share and to grow through participating in our events.

(2) Members are expected to follow Hiking Etiquette (https://www.meetup.com/DC-HBC/pages/Hiking_Etiquette/) and "Leave No Trace 7 Principles" (https://www.meetup.com/DC-HBC/pages/The_Leave_No_Trace_Seven_Principles/)while participating in hiking events.

(3) Members should try their best to avoid last minute cancelation or "NO SHOW" to the event they signed up. Unexpected things do happen, please change your RSVP or message the Event Host or post a comment in time.

Upcoming events (4+)

ONLINE (self-paced) Wilderness First Aid available ALL DAYS NOW until May 31st

Link visible for attendees

In your own home, at your own leisure (anytime -- not just the date of this event): now you can learn a ton in the online portion of Disaster + Travel + Wilderness First Aid! COURSE TOPICS VIDEOS are almost exactly as MEDIC SOLO always presents them with the latest on disaster and wilderness medical science. Intermixed at several points we guide you to practice various skills.

Choose one of two ways to learn:
A) On-line only- view our 7-hour course at home, do the self-guided practice and receive a certificate of completion. Fee: $105.
This option, more INFO and REGISTRATION / TO GET STARTED: www.solowfa.com/online-course.htm
B) Blended learning-view our 7-hour course at home NOW, and receive a 3-year credit to attend one of our in-person dtWFA classes in order to practice skills learned with one of our seasoned instructors. Upon the successful completion of the in-person class, you will receive a 2-year SOLO WFA certification. Fee: $230.
This option, more INFO and REGISTRATION / TO GET STARTED: www.solowfa.com/blended-learning.htm

Sneak peek at the course:

• "Fantastic online program."
• "The quality of teaching and the personality of each instructor was ABSOLUTELY STELLAR. There is a lot more to learning than just the textbook curriculum, especially with medical situations."
• "It was much less stressful having the opportunity to be taught on my own schedule rather than having two intensive days."
• Much appreciation for the ability to click "pause" to take notes and write down questions (which MEDIC will answer), and ability to rewind and replay demonstrations, explanations, etc. -- can't do that in a live class.
• Full transparency, all feedback surveys, unfiltered: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18qcXYJt-CUoLW0hqLtFRmGv7H858iflrq7fguSk6zfM/edit?usp=sharing

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Let's all please do our part to maintain social distancing, and do what we can to prevent problems and treat injured people, so as to reduce demands on hospitals. Exercise outdoors, where allowed, is great to boost your immune system; however we've found many people on trails are not respecting social distancing when passing by. If you decide to go out, when you see someone you'll pass by, please proactively step off trail at least 6 feet. Try to leave no trace as best you can, stepping only on durable surfaces like bare rock when possible. Thanks!

Now is a time when your dtWFA skills may be needed most.
• Hospital beds are filling up and we need to reduce their demand. If with dtWFA skills you treat someone and they no longer need to go to the hospital, fantastic and so helpful in many ways.
• Some parks are seeing their highest-ever mid-week daytime visits. More people are outdoor adventuring and most don't have the skills you're considering learning, and may be in need especially as more first-timers go explore the outdoors.
• Hopefully the following will never happen: fewer EMTs staffing ambulances and thus a call to 911 for medical assistance is less responsive, or outbreaks occur within hospitals and those entire facilities end up being quarantined and unavailable ... leaving it up to dtWFA-trained folks to provide care.

Thank you everyone, for all that you do to strengthen our communities, making disaster and wilderness areas safer for all.

Disaster+Travel+Wilderness First Aid (In-Person) Certification Course

Hands-on learn how to save life & limb, when mired in the wilderness of an urban disaster zone, travel or rural area far from hospital, or natural area miles from an access point, during the critical minutes or hours before ambulance arrival. Blend of classroom instruction and hands-on problem-solving rescue scenario practice. Come away with actual do-it-yourself care-giving skill and confidence, and 2-year SOLO certification. Counts as WFR Recertification, too. No prerequisites.


WHO: Open to the general public, adults & teens with solid attention spans. Know your loved ones are safe wherever they are.

WHY: Mired in a disaster zone, travel or rural area far from a hospital, or natural area miles from an access point ... accidents, destructive weather, and terrorism happen, and all-too-often members of a group are not capable of dealing with the emergency. This leads to improper care of the patient, and endangers the entire group. Many recreational accidents are preventable, and improper care of trauma can compound even simple injuries. Very few first aid programs actually address the issues of providing emergency care in a setting where 911 is overwhelmed or not immediately reachable. In this course, classroom instruction and Q&A are interwoven with practical work and problem-solving exercises. Hands-on experience - a most powerful learning tool - during scenarios comprise ~50% of class.

TIMING: This is a 2-day class, Saturday and Sunday, 8:00am -7pm each day.

Fee: $225 (note: another organization in the region charges $275! You save $50!)

Mid-Week Backpacking on the Maryland AT

Needs a location

We will meet at the Pen Mar Park Parking lot off of Pen Mar High Rock Rd at 10:00 AM.

We will hike 9.8 miles to the Ensign Cowall Shelter for the night.
The following morning, we will hike 15.7 miles to the Rocky Run Shelter to stay for the night. The last morning, we will hike 5.4 miles to Gapland State Park and Crampton's Gap Where we will have a car waiting. We can then shuttle back to our starting point of the hike.

This is a total of almost 31 miles with almost 5200 of elevation gain. Our plan is to stay in the shelters, but I would highly encourage you to bring a tent in case they are full! You are responsible for your own camping / hiking gear, food and water. I would recommend hiking poles and a water filter.

Let me know if you have any questions.

Wildflower Paradise: 94M 7 nights/8 days Wonderland Trail, Mt. Rainier NP

Needs a location


About the Wonderland Trail (WT).

“A trip to Paradise is going to heaven before you die.”

YouTube: https://youtu.be/L5DAuyyrsXA

One of the most spectacular aspects of Mt. Rainier National Park is its world-renowned wildflower meadows: Avalanche lilies, paintbrush, asters, daisies, cinquefoil, fireweed, purple shooting stars and so many others, blanket the mountain in every color of the rainbow.

The Wonderland Trail (WT) is a 94 miles loop trail around the Mt. Rainier. Hiking along the trail is awarded with 360 degree spectacular views of Mt. Rainier covered with glaciers and clouds; acre upon acre of vivid wildflowers, with swaths of lupine, paintbrush, sub-alpine meadows, lush rainforest and red mountain heather; patches of snow on the ground along the trails; every turn is ever-changing Mt. Rainier and unique cascading waterfalls, creeks, lakes, canyons, rivers, forests and meadows.

Itinerary (Subject to change in order to get permit. Please do NOT book airline ticket until I got the permit):
Day 1 July 28th: Arrive at Longmire Wildness Center for map/Inform. Begin to hike at 4:30pm. 3.3 miles to camp Pyramid Creek.
Food and cooking fuel are available at Longmire general store.
Day 2: 13.1m. Camp: Klapatche Park
Day 3: 13.5m Camp:S Mowich River.
Day 4: 13.2m. Camp: Carbon River.
Day 5: 13.7m. Camp: Sunrise (food available at gift shop).
Day 6: 10.5m. Camp: Summerland.
Day 7: 11.5m. Camp: Nickel Creek.
Day 8 (August 4th): 14.5m. Back to Longmire around 2-3pm. Head back to Seattle.

3/15/2022: Apply for 2 wilderness camping permits. Each permit for 5 hikers.
4/1/-4/15: Receive permit lottery result.
4/16: Issue refund if permit is not granted or only got one permit.
NO refund If you chose to go with me for a Walk-In permit, please be flexible for +/- 3 days difference from the planned starting date and campsites.
Lots of training for the hike.
Book airline ticket.
Coordinate with transportation from SEA airport to Longmire.
Trip plan:(Be flexible. Subject to NP campsite availability)

Trailhead /end: Longmire. Hike starts at Longmire at 4:30pm.

*Total miles: 93-95 miles' Wonderland Trail, Mt. Rainier NP.

  • Maximum numbers of hikers: 10. (For 2 permits. Each for 5 hikers to increase chance to get approval. same hike route/date/campsites).
  • Hiking route: Loop around the Mt. Rainier.
  • Elevation Gain: Over 27,000 feet. Losses: 27,000 feet.
  • Difficulty Level: Challenging due to elevation change and mileages. Most part of the trails are well maintained and safe. See YouTube.
  • Elevation profile: https://www.nps.gov/mora/planyourvisit/upload/Wonderland-Profile-2018_Web.pdf
  • Bear Canisters: Not Required.
  • Permits: Required. Jin will apply. See timeline above.
  • Dogs: Not allowed.
  • Direction: From SEA airport to the Nisqually entrance, to Longmire Wildness Center. 84 miles.
    *Transportation: Drive or Shuttle Express (We can coordinate later).
  • Watch-out: Some creek crossings, bugs, animal encounters.
  • Food/coche: Longmire Gift shop (Day 1); Sunrise (Day 5).
  • Map: Nat Geo map#217. I use Gaia download.
  • NPS link: https://www.nps.gov/mora.
  • See the trails and terrains: YouTube.
  • Weather/temperature: 40’s to 80’s degree. Prepare for sun, rains, clouds, snow and mosquito.

$55 Signed up fees include: (FULL refund if the permit is not granted, unless you decided to go with me for a Walk-in permit and be flexible about starting date, campsite and starting point/direction).

  1. Event signup fees.
  2. Shared Group permit fee.
  3. PayPal fees.

Fees exclude:

  1. Travel expenses (airfare, Transportation between Seattle to Longmire), and travel Insurnace.
  2. Medical or ER evacuation cost.
  3. National Park entrance fees.
  4. Map, food resupply and cooking fuel.
  5. Personal expenses.
  6. Other expenses not included in the fee sections.

Your attendance on any organized event signifies that you have read and accepted the terms of this liability waiver.


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