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What we’re about

Knowledge graphs and linked data are adopted by the cultural heritage community. Cultural heritage organizations are sharing their information as linked data and vice versa enrich their collections by linking it to external information. As a result, cultural heritage organizations are creating knowledge graphs. The community is now exploring the potential of knowledge graphs for new user experiences. Traditionally, the focus of attention has been on the collection objects, with the related persons, places, concepts and events providing background information. Of course the collection objects are crucial, but what stories do the entities tell us? What happens when we pivot the perspective and put the entities in the foreground?

Spinque creates rich search experiences using knowledge graphs for cultural heritage. We like to use design thinking in our projects with cultural heritage organizations and web design/development agencies. We invite cultural heritage organizations and web design/development agencies to join this group and share their experiences and discuss challenges. What are the new perspectives that knowledge graphs allow? What does your design process look like? What are the needs of your users?

We would like to start each meetup with the presentation of a concrete project by one or two of the members and start a discussion based on that. With the aim of learning from each other how we can harness the potential of knowledge graphs for rich and new user experiences.