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Join us and earn Scrum Educational Units (SEUs) through Scrum Alliance. Free to attend.
Utah Agile's mission is "Uniting & Empowering Utah's Agile Community," one person at a time. We do it by facilitating networking, collaboration and mentoring options across the state for any who want to participate.
Novice, experienced, and thought leaders alike find strength in our growing community. From special interest groups to presentations to general open space forums, we have something for everyone.

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Good Retrospectives - A show-and-tell

Canopy Tax Office

Come, hear a sad story about a young ScrumMaster whose retrospectives sucked and his team knew it. Play a key role in this story and help turn tragedy into victory by explaining your favorite retrospectives to the Utah Agile community. For those who have great retrospectives, we'd love for you to be able to share in a few minutes the following: * The format of the retrospective * The materials needed * Reasons why this retrospective is sensational * Tips for facilitators to make this the best retrospective EVER! The larger the shared pool of knowledge the stronger we are together! If you have a retrospective and you want to share, please add any visuals to this slide-deck https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1_XmmS9yHmcNGqQhL2-3b2iqWY1DUtiKrf8MzHrfyq40/edit?usp=sharing Food (pizza) will be served.

Technical Debt: The Invisible Thief

Boral North America

Does your team struggle to pay off "technical debt"? Whose doesn't, right? Please join us for lunch as we hear from Thomas Leake on how to answer some of the toughest questions around technical debt. Why do we need a better word to describe the technical liabilities? What are the technical liabilities in your organization? How do they impact your organization? How do you calculate the financial impact of a technical liability? How do you mitigate the creation of new technical liabilities?

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Agile Topics Over Lunch - Downtown

Endurance International

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