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Welcome to Utah Outdoors!

Utah Outdoors is an outdoor community of 7,300+ members in Utah. Founded in 2012, we have been working on expanding our group so that we can provide greater opportunities for adventure. Our leadership and those who lead our events are all volunteers who are passionate about helping others find ways to get outdoors. We strongly believe that getting outdoors often is beneficial to our well being.


• To explore the canyons, deserts and mountains of Utah and the neighboring states.

• To bring together those who share our love of the outdoors and to encourage others to build strong friendships.

• To create a community that will help fulfill the above purposes.

Core Values

• Adventure: We are driven to explore new places. We accept challenge and work to expand our limits.

• Community: We believe that everyone should be given a chance. We believe in building strong friendships and helping each other.

• Education: We share our knowledge with others to help them achieve their goals.

• Responsibility: We believe in doing the right thing. We hold others accountable for their actions. We protect each other and we speak out when we see something that is not right.


We want everyone to be able to experience all that the outdoors has to offer in Utah. It does cost money to run this Meetup group, but we do not have any mandatory dues or fees. We hope that if you enjoy our group that you will find a way to chip in, you can do this by leading hikes, helping others or by making a donation.

Upcoming events (5)

Weekend Hike: Sugarloaf Peak Moved to Sunday

Albion Grill

Come join us as we explore and conquer Sugarloaf Peak in LCC, a slightly easier hike than our usual. This hike is 5.4 miles rt rated as Moderate by AllTrails. This trail is known for being a little steep in parts (though less so than the other route). We will meet behind the Albion Grill at Alta Resort and socialize for 15 minutes before starting the hike as usual. The event will be capped at 15 to allow for a degree of physical distancing and to allow for a more intimate, social hike. Lately there have been a number of no-shows while multiple people have been stuck on the waitlist. I am cracking down on people who do not change their rsvp accordingly to "not going" when they cannot make it. People who do this repeatedly (twice) will be added to a ban list and subject to suspension from these weekend events. If one attempts to sign up for an event after being banned, they will be removed from the event (which is how you will find out about your suspension if I am unable to message you). It is unfair to those stuck on the waitlist who truly want to go. The system automatically puts the next in line on the waiting list (bottom) to "going" if a spot opens. Make sure that you keep track if you are on the waiting list. I do understand that people can be moved to "going' unexpectedly right before the event before they can adjust. If that happens after 4 pm the day before the event, you will not be penalized. https://www.alltrails.com/explore/trail/us/utah/sugarloaf-peak-via-alta-base

Sunday Scouting Hike (All Ages): Silver Mountain Mine & Honeycomb Cliffs

This is the rescheduled time for this hike. Apologies for anyone who wanted to go last week. *PLEASE NOTE: This is a scouting hike that I'm doing to take a look at possible routes for other hikes, so it may include additional miles beyond what I'm describing or some brush breaking if maps and info I've obtained aren't 100% accurate. If you're not comfortable with that or going on a hike that the trip leader hasn't done the route, I'd suggest skipping this one. ** Note: Because of regular no-shows, I now have a policy that repeated no-shows will get you removed from hikes. I understand life happens, but repeatedly tying up slots on hikes and denying others a chance to get out is a problem; so folks who no-show twice will be moved to the waitlist in favor of other people for a minimum of one month. If you can't make it, please take yourself off of the list. If you're on the waitlist and added to the hike after noon on the same day and can't make it, you'll get a pass and it won't count against you. However, removing yourself from the list less than 3 hours before the event may still be counted as a no-show at my discretion since it still doesn't give others much time to react and attend. This policy generally only applies if the event is full, however it's up to my discretion to apply it otherwise. ---- This hike is open to all ages interested. This Sunday, I'll be hiking Silver Fork Trail up to the abandoned Prince of Wales Mine, then back down via the Honeycomb Cliffs as a loop instead of out and backs. The whole route is roughly 6.5-7 miles and both routes are rated as moderate by All Trails. This route also serves as a connector route between Solitude and Alta for hikers. The map provided will take you to the trailhead where we'll be meeting. I'll wait for about 15 minutes before I head out. The route is supposed to have some great views above Solitude and Brighton, along with abandoned mine equipment and a waterfall. Plan on bringing cold weather gear, food and anything else you need to be on the trail for a minimum of 3-4 hours.

Yoga at Sugarhouse Park

Sugar House Park

We are back Yoga at the Park!!! We are changing the location to Sugarhouse Park. Fewer people and we will be on the grass. This class is for you -all levels welcome! The class is COMPLIMENTARY. My BOLD REQUEST is to share it with others who need it. You know it, your body knows it, YOU NEED Yoga. You have been sitting on your desk for countless hours, you have have been hunched back on the laptop working - YOUR body needs a break, it needs to move, it needs to recharge, to restore FOR YOU TO DO MORE! We will be on the grass by Big Field Pavillon, if there is a church gathering, we will be at the far end of the Pavillon grass by the high school field. Come out and bring your mat and if you have blocks and straps - bring those. It's time for some restorative yoga!!

Kayak & Canoe: Bear River

Benson Marina, Benson, UT

This 7.3-mile water trail adventure captures the final few miles of the Bear River before it flows into Cutler Reservoir. We will paddle through a range of waterscapes on this adventure from a defined river channel to marshland maze to open water. The Bear River through this part of central Cache Valley is a broad flat-water river with wide sweeping turns and verdant vegetation lining both banks. Navigation hazards include minor river debris, some shallow spots, and as we approach the open water of Cutler Reservoir a maze of wetlands, twisting backwaters, and dead-end alcoves. This will be a BIKE SHUTTLE event so as to not crowd boaters into shuttle vehicles preserving social distance – so everyone needs to bring their bike for this event. The bike shuttle is 3.5 miles on rural public roads. The alternative is for friends to both drive so that one can leave a vehicle at the take-out. We will meet at the take-out at 10AM, where we will lock-up our bicycles. Please check your equipment for serviceability and to ensure your boat is free of aquatic nuisance/invasive species. Everyone will need to wear a PFD for this event. No portage will be necessary. This activity is appropriate for experienced enthusiasts who can supply their own equipment and who can safely maneuver their boat in current to avoid obstacles; boaters are responsible for their safety on the water. Trailhead Information: Meet Elliott in Cache Valley at Benson Marina at 10:00 am. This marina is located on the north side of 3000 North, on the east side of Cutler Reservoir. Driving Directions via I-15: Drive I-15 north of Brigham City and exit at Riverside/SR-30, Exit #385. Drive east on SR[masked]-miles “over the mountain” into Cache Valley. Turn left (north) on SR-23 and drive north 2.4-miles to 3000 North. Turn right on 3000 North and drive east 1.8-miles. You will cross over Cutler Reservoir, and Benson Marina will be on your left. We will rally in the parking lot. Off load your bike and lock it up.

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Circle-All Peak

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