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Welcome to Utah Outdoors!

Utah Outdoors is an outdoor community of 7,300+ members in Utah. Founded in 2012, we have been working on expanding our group so that we can provide greater opportunities for adventure. Our leadership and those who lead our events are all volunteers who are passionate about helping others find ways to get outdoors. We strongly believe that getting outdoors often is beneficial to our well being.


• To explore the canyons, deserts and mountains of Utah and the neighboring states.

• To bring together those who share our love of the outdoors and to encourage others to build strong friendships.

• To create a community that will help fulfill the above purposes.

Core Values

• Adventure: We are driven to explore new places. We accept challenge and work to expand our limits.

• Community: We believe that everyone should be given a chance. We believe in building strong friendships and helping each other.

• Education: We share our knowledge with others to help them achieve their goals.

• Responsibility: We believe in doing the right thing. We hold others accountable for their actions. We protect each other and we speak out when we see something that is not right.


We want everyone to be able to experience all that the outdoors has to offer in Utah. It does cost money to run this Meetup group, but we do not have any mandatory dues or fees. We hope that if you enjoy our group that you will find a way to chip in, you can do this by leading hikes, helping others or by making a donation.

Upcoming events (5+)

Utah Beer Drinkers: Kiitos Brewing

Kiitos Brewing

We believe that it is important to bring others together and create a safe welcoming environment where you can make new friends and have fun. Our focus will be in our local beers and building strong friendships, however we may also host dinners and any other type of event that we feel like at the moment! We look forward to meeting you! Your event host is Bryant Shoblom, if you ever have any concerns or questions feel free to reach out to him. He can be emailed at [masked]. We plan on actively hosting the event from 6 to 7pm, the group will likely stay later. You can find us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/groups/UtahOutdoors.Beer/ http://www.facebook.com/shoblom/ Directions to the breweries we frequent in case we forget to fully update the event: Fisher Brewing: https://maps.google.com/?q=40.752059,-111.900478 Kiitos Brewing: https://maps.google.com/?q=40.754119,-111.908596 Proper Brewing: https://maps.google.com/?q=40.750477,-111.890785 Shades of Pale: https://maps.google.com/?q=40.723994,-111.895273

Bike Ride: City Creek Canyon

Needs a location

This is an after work/school road ride up scenic City Creek Canyon. Our itinerary is to spin up this popular narrow twisting canyon road to the snowline and then return. This time of year, snow typically blocks the road someplace between the Filtration Plant and Upper Rotary Park – so we’ll ride as far up canyon as it is reasonable, which, will likely only be about 5-miles with around 1000-feet of climbing. Riders are welcome to do repeats and ascent the canyon road as many times as daylight allows. City Creek Canyon is very pretty this time of year as it greens-up. All bike types are welcome but having gears to negotiate the steep pitches will be helpful. Please ensure your bike is correctly adjusted and safe to operate. Everyone needs to bring basic tire repair tools and wear a helmet. A wind-shell is recommended for the descent. Meet Elliott in the upper parking lot located behind the Utah state capitol building at 6:00pm.

Friday Night Sunset Hike to The Living Room! Plus dinner after!

Natural History Museum of Utah

We will be hiking up to the Living Room and watching the sunset (or the city lights depending on the season). This is one of our most popular hikes and we will be leading it year-round. We will be hiking roughly 2.6 miles round trip with an elevation gain of 980'. Route selection is up to the event host and may vary based on conditions and the perceived skill level of the group. While this is generally not considered to be a beginner hike, we do our best to make this hike as accessible as possible to everyone. We strongly believe that helping others is an important part of what we do. We typically have lots of our regular hikers on this hike and this allows us to lead the hike from the back of the group. When possible the leader of this hike will let the regulars in the group lead the way and stay in the back to make sure that everyone gets to go at a comfortable place and to make sure that we leave no one behind. We ask that you bring a headlamp with you year-round. In fall, winter and spring headlamps are required. We will generally have headlamps available to loan out, however due to the cost associated with purchasing/replacing headlamps and keeping them maintained with fresh batteries we will be asking for a donation of $5 if you need to borrow one. We may also have new headlamps available for purchase. We will be asking for a $15 donation to the group for these. PayPal: www.paypal.me/utahoutdoors Venmo: @UtahOutdoors Where to find us?: Please meet us by the stairs at the southeast corner of the parking lot at the start time listed on the event. Generally speaking we will begin the hike 15 minutes after the posted start time, however if it is cold or the weather is bad we may opt to leave promptly at the listed time. After the hike the group will go out for dinner, generally we go to Desert Edge in Trolly Square (kids welcome). Your event host for this event is typically Bryant Shoblom, if you ever have any concerns or questions feel free to reach out to him. He can be emailed at [masked] or found on Facebook at www.facebook.com/shoblom You can find Utah Outdoors on Facebook at: Hiking Salt Lake: www.facebook.com/groups/Hikingsaltlakecity Women Hikers: www.facebook.com/groups/UtahOutdoors.Women/ Winter: Micro spikes are highly suggested as the trail will most likely be very icy in the gullys, we will do our best to avoid the ice but we cannot always do this. Summer: Please bring plenty of water. This is a low elevation hike with little cover and the trail can be hot. We do however find that once we have hiked to the Ridgeline, there is usually a nice comfortable breeze that makes the hike enjoyable. Dogs: It is okay to bring your dogs on this hike, however we strongly recommend rattlesnake avoidance training if you bring your dog in the summer. Parking at the Natural History Museum: We talked to Abby Curran with the Natural History Museum on 10/19/2018 and we re-confirmed with them that it is okay for us to use their parking lot after 5pm when they don't have events going. We also confirmed that it is okay for us to meet at the stairs even when they have an event going on. If you show up for the hike and it is on a night when they have an event going on please park along Colorow Road and walk to the stairs, we will allow 5-10 extra minutes when this happens. Bad Weather: Generally we will still hike (except for lightning). However, if the majority of those present decide that they would rather skip the hike and go straight to dinner, we will follow the majority's decision. It is worth noting that in our experience, the weather at the location of the hike is generally better than predicted during the time period of our hike. We also reserve the option to opt for a shorter version of the hike depending on conditions (to avoid mud/ice etc) or based on the preparedness of those that show up (for example if micro spikes are needed but no one brought them.) Meet here: https://goo.gl/maps/TvKJa7n5pUC2

Kayak & Canoe: Bear River Deweyville to Honeyville

Texaco Truck stop

This Bear River float showcases the river as it flows across the central part of Box Elder County. Our itinerary is to put-in west of Deweyville and navigate south to a take-out west of Honeyville, a water trail distance of about 13.14 miles. The river through this area is a flat-water river which flows smoothly across mostly rural agricultural-ranch lands. River banks are lined with thick vegetation making this a very scenic float. Common navigation challenges through this section include overhanging tree branches, whirlpools, islands, rocky spots, and river debris. We’re doing this section earlier than in previous years and stream flow is more robust with fewer shallow areas. In the past this event has averaged about 5-hours on the water but given present stream flow plan on slightly less than 4-hours this year; our plan is to go ashore about midway at Raymond Hanson Park for a paddle break and to stretch our legs – so bring a snack for this interlude. Meet Elliott in Elwood at the Texaco Truck Stop off I-15 exit #376 at 10:00am. From this location, we will acquaint everyone with the take-out site and organize a car/boat-shuttle to the put-in location. This activity is appropriate for boating enthusiasts who can supply their own equipment, and who can safely maneuver their boat in current to avoid navigation hazards. It is important to check equipment for serviceability, ensure boats are free of aquatic nuisance/invasive species, and wear a PFD for this event. In as much as we will be navigating in a mostly southern direction into the sun, visor equipped headgear is recommended. Also, as conditions change it is helpful to be able add/remove clothing layers – so consider packing a dry bag with extra clothing (gloves/hat/shell/etc.) to facilitate a more enjoyable water trail adventure. Boaters are responsible for their safety on the water. Directions: Drive I-15 north past Brigham City and take exit #376 or drive SR-13 in Box Elder County to 9600 North in Elwood. At this location a Texaco Truck Stop is located on the east side of the road. We will rally in the parking lot. For reference, the drive from Salt Lake City takes about one-hour and 15 minutes or about 40 minutes from Logan.

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