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What we’re about

We’re a casual and welcoming community of User Experience (UX) professionals, founded in 2013 by people who just wanted to relax and talk about design over a cold beer.

We organize events in and around Antwerp and Brussels to connect UX professionals and encourage continuous learning. We meet to exchange ideas, informally network, and grow together through all stages of our careers.

We’re run by a small group of dedicated volunteers and the generosity of speakers, local sponsors and hosts, and enthusiastic members like you!

Look for these types of events:

UX Beers (every last Tuesday in Antwerp, occassional 2nd Tuesdays in Brussels, typically 60 - 80 attendees)
We gather at a different UX agency or venue to network, drink beers, and listen to speakers on various themes in the world of UX and digital design.

UX Workshops (periodic, attendance and topics vary)
Periodically we organize events to dive deeper into specific topics or skills in UX. These are facilitated, hands-on, small-group workshops, and a great way to improve your UX skills in more interactive format.

UX Movies (periodic, attendance and topics vary)
Sometimes cool movies and documentaries about design and social issues come out that are interesting for UX designers. We hold screenings with discussions and expert panels, and of course, we bring the beers. :)

Interested in hosting? Sponsoring? Volunteering? Participating in another way? Contact us for details at

See you at the next Meetup!
- Annie and the rest of the UX Belgium team

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Upcoming events (2)

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  • UX Beers Antwerp April @ Studio Dott
    Studio Dott., Antwerpen
    • Photo of Annie Stewart
    • Photo of Olga
    • Photo of Petra Sell
    • Photo of Andreas Kruszakin-Liboska
    • Photo of Muskan Jain
  • UX Beers Antwerp May @ Lunar
    Lunar, Antwerpen
    • Photo of Annie Stewart
    • Photo of Petra Sell
    • Photo of kwnstantina
    • Photo of Loes Jansen
    • Photo of federica buzzi