What we're about

The purpose of the group is to showcase local area talent and cover the graphic design, illustration, responsive web design, typography, advertising, self promotional, interactive and photography scene. We want to also share ideas, discover opportunities, collaborate, meet potential clients, tap expertise, and establish partnerships.

How will we do this?

Presentations on Photoshop, Illustrator, responsive web design and other tools of the trade. Tips, techniques, discussion panels and other design topics.

Workshops(Hands On) with design and development tools on real world projects, techniques and sharing of design concepts

Social Events to showcase member and external designer projects

Collaboration study hall sessions to work, discuss and share ideas with other members

Identify and introduce Digital Design resources

If you are interested is exploring, discussing and creating

new media, Web 2.0 and 3.0 design and content, social networking, Adobe Creative Suite, graphic design, print media, videography (YouTube, Vimeo), digital architecture, interactive design, open source, LOGOS, WordPress, animation, infographics, 3D Modeling, Photoshop, Responsive Web Design, self promotional materials

than join us.

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Designers and Developers Available for New Projects (Showcase)

Can’t be any more direct than that. Until we have our first meetup/dinner to identify topics and organizers, join your cousins to show off your work.

This meetup will showcase mobile developers, web developers, UX/UI/Graphic designers and anyone who are actively seeking new projects for contract and/or possible equity considerations. Come tell us more about yourself, what you are working on now, or demo some of your past projects.

Date and location of this event will be determined by member RSVP quantity.

Main event listed on sister site:


We have a large contingency of developers in our group, web, mobile, and even Ruby on Rails. We have a large member base of seasoned UX/UI, web and graphic designers. There are members actively seeking seeking these developers and designers out, including developers looking for other developers to collaborate on existing or new projects. Trust me, I am approached daily with request by individuals, start-ups and medium/large companies who want to solicit these guys for work.

Matching these members together has been a slight challenge. Members just keep missing each other attending different events not specifically designated to their talents. A great analogy would be a middle school dance and everybody's a wall flower. So now we are playing the role of the nun and taking a more direct approach to pair you guys together to begin the dance.

This meetup is a spin of of our last “speed networking” event to identify developers who are available for contract/equity work on new or existing projects.

So if you are a mobile or web developer, if you specialize Ruby on Rails, front end development, WordPress, JavaScript, PHP and other languages, if you are an individual, team or company, we invite you to come to this event and share what you can offer the community. Graphic, UX/UI and web designers are invited too. Engage in active conversations with entrepreneurs, start-ups, graphics designers, even other developers who want to enlist your talent for exciting new or existing projects. Participate in a panel discussion and open Q&A.

This meetup will not be scheduled until we have at least 10 developers and designers participating.

Developers and Designers, if you are interested in participating in this event please complete the very, very short registration on our site so that we can highlight you prior to the event and help us in planning/execution.

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Developers Event Registration Link


This your time to shine and seek out new opportunities. Take advantage of this meetup, all dedicated to you.

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