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Designing for Emerging Technologies: UXpisode 1

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We invite you to a night of networking and discussions on the design and usability of... technologies that are just beginning to break out of an emerging state and stand to have substantial disruptive potential across industries; technologies that will have the biggest impact on your ability to win, serve and retain users whose expectations of service through technology are only going up.

The discussions will be useful for User Experience professionals, students and enthusiasts; entrepreneurs, startups and established companies; technologists and investors who want to be informed of emerging user interfaces that offer new feature sets for interacting with computing experiences; beyond point, type, and touch.

We are pleased to be hosting the following speakers to share their stories with us.

Tom Szirtes ( ) is a VR & Creative Director at Mbryonic, a start-up creator of amazing virtual reality experiences for marketing, entertainment and the arts. Tom's team designs and develops augmented & virtual reality technology solutions that connect brands and artists to audiences in new exciting ways.

Rod Humby ( ) is a UX veteran with 6 years work history as a User Experience Architect at Aviva. His peculiar interest in cognitive science contributes to him evangelising psychological aspects of human to quasi-human interactions, and a conceptual framework to help designers get their heads round conversational technologies with an intent to demystify them to some extent.

Tommy Howard ( ) is the Head Creative at Holition, an award winning digital creative studio specialising in emerging technologies to craft premium 3D digital experiences for luxury marketers and retail specialists. Holition has created several experiential digital projects for brands such as BMW, Louis Vuitton, Dom Perignon, Lacoste, Heathrow, Lyst and Mcqueen. Tommy will be discussing design thinking and management of applying augmented reality to disrupt the retail space.

Sanj Surati ( ) is a seasoned Digital Creative. His specialty is working with technology to develop new live digital experiences for the purpose of product launches and experiential events. His most notable project so far is being part of the team that delivered the 2Pac hologram at Coachella back in 2012. An initiative that won Titanium at the Cannes Lions. Sanj's team recently worked on Artificial Intelligence Programs that run as Chat bots for retail Fashion Brands and he'll be sharing his story on the evening.

Kate Fischer ( ), Lead UX Designer and PM at Icon Incar, has more than five years experience as a designer and engineer. A true believer of Less is More, she always aim to reinvent good design where form meets the function without too much visual chaos. She will be sharing her experience in the area of Automotive Interface Development of which she will talk about How AI will shape the future of human-vehicle interaction; The future of Car Conversational Systems + Digital Assistants + Cloud Computing & Integration for Automobiles. Her discussion will certainly drive our perception about smart cars wild.

How much of visual, analytical and empathetic skills are required to craft a compelling and innovative user experience for these technologies? Do they necessarily maximize engagement and value? Does immersion always translate to engagement, then conversion? Would they provide richer insights for analytics? How can you leverage them to manage business integration or improve your business process and value offering to become more user-aware, user-led, insights-driven and efficient? Come find out!


6:00 - Doors open, Meet-n-greet
6:10 - Speakers intro, Project Gamma demo & Fundraising
6:25 - A word from our sponsors: School of UX, YMV Tech
6:45 - Talk by Tom Szirtes + QnA (25min)
7:10 - Talk by Sanj Surati + QnA (25min)
7:35 - Talk by Tommy Howard + QnA (25min)
8:00 - Talk by Kate Fischer + QnA (25min)
8:25 - Talk by Rod Humby + QnA (25min)
8:50 - More QnAs
9:00 - Prizes + Networking
9:30 - Lights off

Our Sponsors include:

YMV Tech ( ) - Web & Mobile Digital Agency in London.

School of UX ( ) - Short, Practical & Affordable UX & UI Courses Provider in London & Online.

Below Boondocks ( ) - Home of Boondocks Cinema Club, Open Mic Nights & Private Events.

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