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What we’re about

The UX Dayton Meetup is for anyone who is interested in improving technology for the people who use it. 

User Experience (UX) is a multi-disciplinary approach to developing concepts, services, and products for people. And we want the UX Dayton Meetup to reflect that breadth of professions and skills. For example: user researchers, visual designers, web developers, information architects, content creators, usability evaluators, ergonomists, psychologists (See a bigger list at the bottom.) 

It's not just about the web. UX Dayton is industry and technology neutral. If a human being interacts with the thing you make at any point in the end-to-end journey, then UX Dayton wants to hear about it. It can be a website, a mobile application, productivity software, a game, an airplane, a tank, a car, a soda machine, a phone, a faucet, a sign, a remote power plant control visualization for monitoring heat values and overflow capacity - you get the idea. And it’s not just about end-users either, but includes installers, administrators, operators, maintenance, and any human interaction. 

UX Dayton is for those who work in corporate enterprises, governmental industries, small businesses, startups, and academia. If you have something to share come join us; we welcome everyone from seasoned professionals to students and novices - no previous UX experience is necessary. 

We plan on having topical presenters, open roundtables, social networking meet and greets, job information exchanges, case studies, techniques, group design reviews, and interactive workshop sessions. Let's meetup and improve technology for the people who use it. 


If your job or your interest is in any of the following, this group is for you: • Cognitive psychology • Content • Computer science • Design • Engineering • Ergonomics • Human-computer interaction • Human Factors • Human-machine interaction • Industrial design • Information design • Information architecture • Interaction design • Multi-media design • Product management • Program management • Technical communications • Usability • User experience • User interface design • User research • User-centered design • Visual design • Web design • Web development • Did we leave your UX discipline out? Let us know!