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What we’re about

Come join Vancouver's largest group of genre fiction writers for a chat!
Ever get the feeling every writing event in the city is literary focused? Participated in one too many classes and writing groups where people’s eyes glaze over if you bring up world building and fantastical plot ideas? Want to nerd out over the specific tropes and conventions in your niche genre? This might just be the place for you.

Though skewed heavily towards Fantasy and Science Fiction, we are a group of fiction writers whose work spans the gamut of Mystery, Horror, Suspense, Historical, Adventure, Romance, etc. Literary writers are welcome, but the primary aim of this group is to provide a space for us to let our geek flags fly. Since there are already so many meetups and events geared towards literary fiction, it’s my hope that we can build a community to the point where we eventually begin hosting our own readings and workshops.

All members must read and agree to follow our Code of Conduct [click to read].

One of the primary goals of VGW is to organize regular meetups at Vancouver cafes and bars. While we build a core group of interested members, our little hangout on the web is a Discord server open to anyone, even if you’re not sure you want to participate in a future meetup. Come chat with us between meetups: VGW Discord.

What does this group do?
The primary aim of VGW is to meet up and chat face to face. We're a community that typically spends a lot of time online, and that's great, but there's something to be said for connecting with people out there in meatspace. Many creators will tell you that one of the highlights of going to something like a convention is the connections they make with their fellow creators between panels and wandering the exhibition floor. The goal here is to turn that into a regular local thing specifically for us genre nerds.

So no critique or writing sessions?
Not at this point in time. In the past, we have hosted workshops and roundtable discussions with a specific topic like world building, getting published, marketing, etc. For now, it's mainly a social thing where you'll have the opportunity to make your own connections for things like critique and writing partners.

A note for the socially anxious/shy:
You're not the only one! More than one of our members has professed social anxiety to the point of not being sure they're actually going to make it to the meetup only to become a beloved regular. If anyone gets it, we do! Hell, I have enough social anxiety to never have attended another meetup before starting this one. It was only my desire to find other likeminded writers that made me drag myself to the first meeting. If you're concerned about walking into a group of people who already know each other, please don't hesitate to reach out to me beforehand and I'll do my best to ensure you're not awkwardly standing at the entrance trying to figure out where to go or where to sit.
- Mark

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