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What we’re about

Welcome to The Vancouver Psychedelic Society, also known as The Flying Sage.

We are thrilled that you have joined us.

We are a psychedelic community on a mission to democratize transcendence. We offer in-person and virtual events focussed around integration, connection and transformation and at the moment, we are offering about 3-4 in-person events per week in Vancouver.

We believe in a world where everyone has safe and equitable access to psychedelic medicines and other transformative technologies. We envision a thriving psychedelic ecosystem that empowers people to use these powerful medicines through education and peer support. We believe everyone can develop the knowledge to safely engage with psychedelics themselves.

We hope that by building bridges between the underground and aboveground psychedelic spaces, we can co-create a new paradigm of wellness that leans into the wisdom gleaned from psychedelic and other expanded states of consciousness. We envision a world where novel and traditional ways of knowing are integrated together through safe, intentional and community-lead psychedelic use.

Although we do post all of our events here on Meetup, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SIGN UP FOR EVENTS HERE. Our primary website can be found here. This is where you can register for all of our different events.

If you are new to the community and want to learn more about our events, education opportunities, courses and more, please take a few minutes to complete our Community Introduction Form here.