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Vancouver Real Estate Wholesale, Off Market Cash Buyers club Network REI Club

A Unique and rare opportunity to hear from Canada's leading Real Estate Experts! Real estate's top wealth building incredible million dollars secrets and strategies:

You will be able to outmaneuver, outwit, outsell, outpace, and out perform every competitor in your area

It is like a dirt-cheap garage sale,only you are buying the GARAGE PLUS THE HOUSE.

Join us first at Vancouver Real Estate Wholesale, Off Market Cash Buyers club Network REI Club

"Imagine Having A MOB Of Motivated, panic, anxious Sellers Who Own Their House FREE AND CLEAR Beating a Path To Your Door And Practically GIVING You Their Property!"

Who else wants to learn a very simple,"Cut to the Chase" method to invest in Real Estate with no credit checks…and only $2 Down?

What we teach is not theory...it works!

The percentage of residential mortgages that are behind current payments by 90 days or more stands at 0.27 per cent, according to data compiled by the chartered banks and reported by the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals. This accounts for about 20,000 to 25,000 of residential mortgages in Canada.

​​To your infinite success !

Navtaj Chandhoke

Cash Buyer | Hard Money | Master Coach/trainer | Angel Investor |

www.Flipping4Profit.ca (http://www.flipping4profit.ca/) | www.preigCanada.com (http://www.preigcanada.com/)1-416-409-7300

Empowering Canadian Real Estate Investors 1993

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Mastermind Canadian real estate investors networking meeting LIVE online

Mastermind Canadian real estate investors networking meeting LIVE online

Professional real estate investors group (PREIG) Canada membership may assist you in achieving outstanding investing goals. It's a safe environment to learn from experts, you'll find cooperation and synergy. Real Estate network meetings can quickly become a mastermind session full of new topics and ideas.

Meet our Canadian Real Estate Experts/Speakers for Mastermind Networking meetings

Gerry J. Hogenhout CPA, CGA, CFP, AMP
One and the only Canadian to be licensed in all five of the different and separate regulated investment

Rory Sheehan is a Best Selling Author,
A five times winner of the Readers’ Choice Award as “Trainer of the Year”.

Randi Goodman is a Real Estate Broker/expert
9x #1 Int’l Best-Selling Author, International Speaker

David Grossman MBA, Mortgage Broker

Brian Madigan LL.B., Broker Real Estate Educator, Consultant, Expert Witness,

Navtaj Chandhoke
Canadian Real Estate Angel Investor | Coach | Author | Speaker | storyteller |
#preigCanada #Flipping4Profit

Jeff Levy HBSc, MBA, CFA, AMP, JD Real Estate lawyers

Meet beginning investors who are looking for ready made deals.
Wholesaling or flipping to other investors are very common.

Expert investors offering advice and ways to invest wisely.
And highly diverse investors offering financing deals.
It's here that you'll find joint venture (JV) partners who
will team up with you for a piece of the action (profits).

Looking forward to see you!

Pam Kaur

http://www.preigCanada.com |[masked]

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Eye Witness LIVE real estate investors training

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Eye Witness Canadian Real Estate Investors Training (http://www.flipping4profit.ca/eye-witness-canadian-real-estate-investors-training/)

Learn more to EARN more

Eye Witness Canadian Real Estate Investors Training LIVE (http://www.flipping4profit.ca/eye-witness-canadian-real-estate-investors-training/) program curriculum consists of specific skills, techniques and secrets, which we share with the students that distinguish our company (World Wealth Builders) from other competitive training companies.

Like You We're anything But Ordinary

Eye Witness Canadian Real Estate Investors Training (http://www.flipping4profit.ca/eye-witness-canadian-real-estate-investors-training/)program consists of an opportunity

Watch it, Do it & Grow Rich

Most of the properties will be SOLD 30-70% Below current value (auction)

Reserve your seat now at


Time : 10:15 am-4:30 pm

Training Fees : $995.00 plus HST

Dress Code: Formal Business Suit, ties and Black Sun Glasses

Where: To be disclosed upon registration

More info at
http://www.flipping4profit.ca/eye-witness-canadian-real-estate-investors-training/ (http://www.worldwealthbuilders.com/field-training-for-canadian-real-estate-investors)

Call or text us at[masked]

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