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What we’re about

This group is for self-identified men to explore tantra with other self-identified men in the Vancouver and Lower Mainland area. My hope is that a community develops that supports men in and around Vancouver in their practice of tantra, whatever that looks like for them.

I’ll be offering 3.5h monthly facilitated workshops in Vancouver to explore the basics of Neo-tantra. These workshops will be posted here as events. These workshops will also explore how to move what you learn there into your life more generally.

Neo-tantra is the intentional use of sexual / erotic energy to drive personal transformation. As such, its practice often involves being naked and touch / intimacy with other naked men. Consent within these workshops is addressed in each workshop. Tantra is an invitation to move beyond our ego and our cultural conditioning to explore something more fundamental about our nature. This means that the workshop program is designed as an invitation to challenge your current way of being. That said, that challenge must be within your consent and each workshop spends time at the outset to establish safety and consent agreements.

I’m affiliated with the Rainbow Body School ( and Tantra4GayMen ( I study and practice both classical non-dual Shaiva tantra and Neo-tantra, each of which can offer a powerful path to personal transformation, reduced suffering and a path to realizing to our essence nature.

I also offer 1:1 personal development / transformation / embodiment coaching, couple relationship / intimacy coaching and massage. You can ask me about any of that in chat here if you like.