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What we’re about

The Vancouver Entrepreneur's Club is... 
A group of highly active entrepreneurs that strives to achieve our dreams while living a healthy and well balanced life style.

The goal of our group is to give fellow entrepreneurs a chance to relax and socialize while enjoying the nice weather. This can be in the form of walking around the seawall of Stanley Park and going to a restaurant afterwards or a stroll through the Queen Elizabeth Park's gardens. This type of interaction goes beyond just getting to know each other from a professional standpoint and asking the infamously boring question
" So what do you do? "
Instead, it can spark whole new discussion topics such as the state of e-commerce, wealth building and the beginnings to generate a million dollar mindset.
Membership Benefits: 
• Consistent meetings to encourage business growth and share industry knowledge.
• Collaborate with industry professionals to produce results for your business.

• Networking opportunities to build relationships with unique professionals to assist in achieving mutual goals.

• A social gathering among industry professionals. 
• Fun and interactive activities like golfing or biking.
• An opportunity to experience new things with amazing individuals.

The Vancouver Social Entrepreneur's Club is for: 
• Individuals who work long hours for meagre pay and want more in their lives.
• Business owners who are looking to expand their expertise/products and willing to invest in new ideas.
• Committed people who want to make a huge impact in their lives to give their family a higher quality of living.
• People who are willing to take action and do what it takes to succeed.
• Those that are open to new ideas to improve their self-education for the betterment of their daily lives. 
• Entrepreneurs who wants to start living a healthier lifestyle

You can also join in an online conversation at