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Are you a variety person, or do you want to be? Do you enjoy or seek out variety? Does it seem to find you? Or maybe too much variety is making you crazy. I think variety people are people who value, allow, seek and manage variety in their lives. If you are like that, or want to be, this group might be for you. 

(To see some ideas for meetups right away, jump to the bullets farther down this page.) 

"Variety" is the quality or state of being different or diverse; the absence of uniformity, sameness, or monotony. A "rut" is a habit or pattern that has become dull or unproductive but is hard to change. I suspect many people feel at least parts of their lives are in somewhat of a rut. And some ways our society is organized make it hard for us to get out of ruts. A few years ago I started the Variety People site ( to help people get out of ruts, as well as value, allow, seek and manage variety in their lives. 

This meetup group can help variety people, and those wanting to become variety people, connect IRL (in real life) and connect more locally. It can help us meet each other, share experiences and possibly help each other with ideas, events, networking, resources and other possibilities for finding and managing variety. We might even create some sustainable variety for ourselves and others! (I think sustainability and variety reinforce each other!) In the process, we might also make our worlds more interesting and more adapted to variety people.

I hope to have at least one meetup per month, and I hope you'll contribute ideas for meetups. I've started a collaborative Quip document (also available on mobile) for collecting ideas for meetups and planning them. RSVP for our meetup called Let's Collaborate on Meetup Ideas and Planning to join the discussion and planning for meetups! Here are some of the meetup ideas so far:

• Monthly mixer. We could mix, talk, network, share variety experiences and tips, and consider options, including exploring experience swaps, developing interest lists, discussing possible meetups, and updating a shared mobile document for ongoing collaboration on meetup ideas and planning.

• LA County Museum of Art‎ (LACMA) - area exploration and mixer.

• Amateur night for performances.

• Volunteer to do something as a group.

• Variety people networking and support group.

• Job trading or sharing.

• Potluck, perform and pickup.

• Start some sustainable proximities (which help create sustainable variety) using the Shared Situation Guide, which others can then join too.

• Dance party, with a variety of kinds of dance.

• Art swap.

• Make group art, photograph it, destroy it.

• Variety workout — some of each: yoga, dance, run, weights, others?

• Variety people speed dating.

• Events that involve some work, some collaboration, and some play.

• Fashion show - attendees are in it, and watch it! 

• Attend open mic event, and maybe participate!

• Beach stroll, chat, picnic and resource sharing. 

• Online meeting to discuss meetup ideas.

• Mashups of any of the above ideas. 

Since this group is based on, you can participate there too. Not only that, if you do not live in the Los Angeles area, you could use ideas from and this group to start a Variety People meetup group in your own area!

I hope you'll join us!

—David Loughry 

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