Multiplatform hybrid development - Darko Kukovec, Infinum


The concept of developing mobile applications in web technologies is great because it will work on multiple operating systems. But there is also the desktop platform, which still plays a significant part, in which you can also develop with web technologies.In this talk, I'll present you what lessons we learned by developing hybrid apps that work on multiple desktop and mobile operating systems.The talk will cover our choice of wrappers and why we're using them instead of the alternatives, what tools and practices were used to build maintainable apps, and automation tools that make our jobs much easier.


Darko Kukovec ( is a JavaScript developer at Infinum, spending his time mostly making hybrid mobile, and sometimes desktop apps. In his free time, he experiments with node.js, browser extensions, manipulating CSS with JavaScript and everything else JavaScript related. He loves Backbone, strongly dislikes Sencha Touch, likes trying out new things and is a firm believer in Atwoods law.

About Infinum (

Infinum is a software design and development company specialized in providing mobile and web development services. Their clients are are large brands, banks, insurance companies, media publishers, mobile carriers and other companies with the need for professionally designed and developed mobile apps. They to their clients a full service approach in all phases of software development - developing a creative concept, planning, graphic design, programming, testing and publishing.