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What we’re about

Welcome to Vegan Lifestyle Oahu. You don't have to be vegan to join, just a genuine interest in Going Vegan. Food is a very personal thing, but it's important to ask ourselves, how does my eating habits affect me and our environment? Going Vegan is hip & cool. It helps 4 things: Our health, environment, animals & our spirituality.I created VLO after becoming vegan in Jan 2018, for support & community of likeminded friends. After in depth research, my old way of: "Eating everything in moderation" and "looking the other way," wasn't working.

Whole Food Plant Based is the healthiest lifestyle, that heals our Karma and environment. We're compassionate towards animals. I have been a holistic wellness healer and feel strongly about healthy mind, body & spirit. I encourage everyone to be a great Vegan model for our community. There's proof of reversing diseases. People see doctors after they get sick, but are prescribed a lifetime of medication/surgery to contain 1 disease, but get sick from side effects. Meat, dairy & eggs are side effects too, from chronic inflammation to diseases. Most Doctors are clueless re. nutrition from a prevention & holistic view and have poor diets. I see what's in their fridge when I do childcare: Lots of meat/dairy/processed foods & a cabinet full of medication.

Since we can’t rely on FDA & DRs to keep us healthy, We must depend on ourselves. Do your due diligence. Go encourage your family, friends and communities to Go Vegan. The funny thing is, fresh veggie dishes tastes better than a slab of meat, a host for parasites. Marketing geniuses have brainwashed our society in thinking we "need" and "enjoy" the taste of all meats...yeah, slathered in bbq or teriyaki sauce. Even diehard meat eaters cannot take a chunk of raw bloody meat and think it tastes delicious.

-Vision: I have a dream....Oahu is the 1st state to GO VEGAN. Then people all over the world come for vacation and go home vegan. We inspire with delicious vegan food & compassion. Let's make Going Vegan, super cool & the IT thing, so that everyone will want to go vegan too, even those who don't care about anything.-Core Values: Be kind, Be respectful & Communicate with Compassion.

Think Big: Abundance, there's more than enough for everyone. Believe that there’s strength in a collective awareness globally towards a vegan lifestyle. People CAN change: Change habits, Change taste buds.

Activities: Let's have fun, eat lots of delicious vegan food, get healthy & FIT, connect & do things that’s meaningful in our hearts. Share ideas with one another. This group is for compassionate, positive & progressive thinkers.

Mahalo, Mimi Organizer

GO VEGAN Playlist:

Here's some films that inspired me to become Vegan. You can watch for free on Youtube:

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