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The intent of this group is to keep people informed about the roaming "No Meat & Mingle" vegan potlucks and sometimes other vegan gathering in or near Los Angeles county.

The "No Meat & Mingle" vegan potlucks are a great place for open hearted people to come together in community and share conversation and great vegan food, and to learn about veganism. All people who are respectful to other people are encouraged to attend (you need not be vegan). The "No Meat & Mingle" potlucks are raw friendly which means that both cooked and raw dishes are acceptable but raw dishes are kept in a designated place. We are always looking for new hosts, so if you would like to host an event, please contact the Meetup organizer.

Please keep in mind that as a community we endeavor to be mindful of our impact on the environment and on the hosts/hostesses of our event. To that end we ask that all attendees always bring their own reusable plate/bowl, cup, eating utensils and serving utensils to each party so that there is neither paper/plastic waste nor a dish washing burden for the host or hostess. Please consider making bringing your own eating ware with you be a habit for any potluck or other event you attend where disposable items might otherwise be used.

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Roaming "No Meat & Mingle" Vegan Potluck Party!

Needs a location

This event is promoted in various places so the actual turn out is likely to be bigger than would appear from the RSVP's here.

Please join us for the first public potluck at our home in nearly 3 years!!!

**** Please bring a prepared, ready to serve vegan dish to share. This is required to participate because if everyone does not bring a prepared dish with at least 10 servings, there may not be enough food. Vegan means no meat, fish, eggs, dairy or honey- No animal products at all. Not all wine, beer or other alcoholic beverages are vegan. If you bring wine or other alcoholic beverages, please use the vegan alcohol resource at the bottom of this event description to determine if it is vegan.). There is no donation option if you do not bring a prepared dish. Thank you.****

****To prevent paper & plastic waste, please be sure to bring your own reusable plates and utensils.*****

Organic, chemical free, GMO free foods are encouraged. Both cooked and raw vegan food are welcome. Please bring an ingredient list to help those of us with allergies or better yet, a complete recipe. . Please consider marking your dish as "RAW" on your ingredient list card ONLY if it is 100% raw (pasteurized foods, commercially canned and most jarred food are not raw).

***This is a free event.. Donations are welcome and not required. Funds will be used to pay for Meetup dues, domain name registration, supply and other costs for future potlucks.***

******NOTE FROM HOST: We may play word/board games if it flows for those who attend. If you have a game you enjoy, you are welcome to bring it. Dogs live on the premises. Please do not bring non human companions unless you clear it with Dave or Melissa in advance. Children are welcome.
We have a "no outside shoes" household, so please consider this in planning your shoes


, especially since the party will take place indoors and outdoors. Please enter through side gate.******
Please invite your local friends by using the "Invite" button on the Facebook event page. Non vegans are welcome and encouraged to attend.
If you need to call or text the evening of the event: Melissa:[masked]. Dave[masked].

*****Hosts/hostesses are needed. If you would like to offer your space for one of these parties, please contact Dave Rubin through Facebook or call at the number above.*****






The hostess and organizers are volunteers and are not responsible for the participants. By participating in any posted event, you are taking responsibility for your own safety and well-being. You agree that the hostess and organizer(s) are released from all liability in case of possible illness or injuries. All participants must be 18 or older or accompanied by an adult guardian. All participants must be at least 21 to drink alcohol.

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Food Healers - Free Food in Santa Monica

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