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Ethiopian Cuisine at the Empress Taytu
Let's meetup at the Empress Taytu on the East side for outstanding Ethiopian cuisine. It's always a fantastic meal and a great time. PLEASE do not use heavy perfumes or fragrances when attending our meetups. Guys, this can mean you, too, with after shave or cologne. They can trigger migraines and aggravate asthma. Let's save our senses of smell and taste for the enticing aromas at the restaurant. If you have never enjoyed Ethiopian food before, it is wonderfully delicious and one of the most ancient cuisines on the planet. The restaurant's atmosphere will transport you to the fertile crescent from the moment you arrive. Here is a link to the restaurant's web site There are also many good comments on the meetup site from past dinners. the phone is 216 391 9400 If you bring a guest who is not veg, please make sure they know to refrain from ordering meat. Please make sure to change your attending status if you decide not to attend. It is a fairness issue with the restaurant and also for those of us who organize these meetup opportunities. Don't be a 'no-show'. The meetup site tracks members' 'no shows' and I don't know what happens when you reach a certain number, but it's probably not good. So don't be a no show. The restaurant's management has asked us to please consider paying in cash or check. While they can accept credit cards, the fees are very high for them. Any thoughts for fun activities for after dinner are always welcomed. Live music, interesting films, etc. Don M

Empress Taytu Ethiopian Restaurant

6125 St. Clair Ave · Cleveland, OH

Respond by: 1/19/2018

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This is a meetup group for vegans and those interested in becoming vegan and learning about the plant based diet or lifestyle.

We hope to promote the social and educational aspects of veganism.

Our meetup group is about getting together for meals, lectures, watching documentaries/movies, going on field trips and making some new friends!

It is always great to share information, have fun and be with like-minded people. Even if you are not yet a "veggie", we still welcome everyone to join us for a meet up to see how healthy and delicious vegan food can be! We welcome those who are veg-curious.

Vegan is more than food choices, it is a lifestyle. Vegan does not include any flesh food or animal (fowl, fish, mammal, insects, etc) of any kind. All animal products and bi products are excluded, including all dairy. Vegans do not wear flesh-made products such as leather, skins and fur. We respect all animals, our fellow creatures, and work to protect them as well as the environment. Just being vegan is a very strong environmental and ecological act, conserving water, fuel and land resources.

Some people are vegan due to health and medical reasons, some due to compassion for living a non-violent lifestyle. Some live it for ethical reasons, the sake of the animals and others. Some embrace veganism for for health reasons, some for the economy. Eating a plant-based diet is less expensive than eating flesh foods. Some vegans have allergies to flesh foods and animal fluids. There are plenty of other reasons as well! Remember, heart attacks are mother nature's revenge for eating her creatures! :-)

Our membership extends over the entire North East Ohio area from out by Cedar Point almost to Pennsylvania and as far south as you'd care to drive.

Become a member (membership is free), and come to one of the many meetups! You are a stranger but once.

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