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What we’re about

Hello and Welcome to the Las Vegas Walking, Hiking & Adventurers Meetup group! Thank you for joining us!  We have two basics - we meet to walk, and individuals make hiking plans together based on mutual interest. Now, let's have fun, and see you on the trail!

Welcome to our sponsor
at Spring Mountain State Park
(near Red Rock Canyon area)
In Cooperation with Nevada State Parks
Find your next adventure at
Ann Scarff - Advisory Board

Super Summer Theatre (SST) is a non-profit, volunteer organization for educational and charitable purposes that promotes the use of Nevada State Parks and Studio-based performances and classes. Founded in 1976, SST has a proud history of over 45 years of high-quality, reasonably priced cultural activities for the Las Vegas community, which would not otherwise be available. The presence of SST has provided much-needed consistent annual income to the NV State Parks system, thru attendance at the events, supporting wildlife protections, hiring rangers, and providing a volunteer base to do cleanups and maintenance in the parks.

(1) Federal Parks have varying entry costs per demographic. Business permits for providing consumer services (for fee, tips, for profit or not for profit) in the national parks are found here:
(2) Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Special Use Permits for any group leader to conduct free or for fee hikes, including RED ROCK Conservation Area (including Calico Basin and Fossil Ridge):
Organized groups, which do not charge any fees and are under fifteen people and not rock climbing should call to make sure no other fees are required for their activity. Please contact an outdoor recreation planner at least 180 days in advance or more.
*** fines for conducting group hikes w/o a permit are up to $100k and 12 mo. in jail and that includes hike leader and each attendee. A fee can mean anything from $0.50-1.00. Group size is dependent on the area the hike is held in, and can be as few as 2 (two) people if it is a protected area. Group hikes should be submitted 180 days prior to the event w/ a map for review. ***
(3) Nevada State Parks have a separate entry fee demographic.
Pick up a NV State Park Passport booklet at the parks, Collect 15 different state park stamps and earn a free annual pass.

(4) We are a member of the Nevada Outdoor Business Coalition, member #231, supporting properly licensed professional outdoor enthusiast businesses. State of Nevada licenses are a protection for the consumer. We do not provide instruction within the group. For instructions on your favorite activities, please contact the appropriate entities and come prepared to participate in our group events.
For example:
(A) REI - instructional classes and outdoor activities (paid per event)
Outdoor Classes, Events & Tours | REI Co-op | REI Classes & Events
(B) Nevada Climbing Center - including exercises and training on a climbing practice wall with proper gear and crash pads
Classes & Events — Nevada Climbing Center (
(C) Canyoneering courses:
Uber Adventures proudly offers all 4 of the standard ACE curricula courses, outlined below. In addition to the ACE-L1-L2-L3-L4 courses, Uber Adventures also offers America's only relevant Swiftwater Canyoneering Course, the ACE-L5 Canyoneering Guide Assessments (Certification), and a variety of split-course options.

(5) This group is a social group focusing on health, hiking/walking, exploring Nevada, and promoting the State Parks - which then supports the preservation of our wilderness areas and research to protect endangered species.

This is a place for everyone to find some enjoyment in socializing. Keep the conversations intellectual and fun!

(6) Emergency location and evacuation/ medical insurance is a good idea. Check your own personal insurance coverage for outdoor activity coverage, in the event you need location, medical evacuation or emergency medical care. As a social group, we are not trained in search and rescue or medical personnel. Be prepared. Also, owning and maintaining an operational emergency locator device is a great idea - I carry the Spot Gen- a more affordable unit, with a small monthly fee, Garmin Mini is recommended by Oregon Civil Air Patrol Search and Rescue. There are many options to choose from. Nearly every lost hiker story you read would not have happened if they had planned in advance to be found if necessary. A sample medical policy I found on the Sierra Snow School site:
Travel Memberships provide field rescue, medical advisory, and intelligence services to all members. This includes global COVID transport. Security advisory upgrades are also available.
TotalCareSM Memberships provide 24x7 access to world-class virtual healthcare, including Urgent and Specialty consults.

(7) You must maintain a current profile pic on your meetup profile we can provide to rangers or medical personnel to use if / when necessary. Carry an ID card with your medical information and who to contact in case of an emergency.

(8) This meetup group is not to be used as a marketing platform for members' own personal businesses or promotion of other groups. *** You will be warned, then removed from the group.

(9) Fees (for profit), tips (for profit), and donations (a type of not-for-profit payment that requires a 501c3 business license and state / federal accounting [to show levels of income received balance with not-for-profit outlines]) are not allowed in our group.

(10) If you aren't feeling well, which denotes an abnormal day for you personally with regard to your health, please wait to attend.

(11) These are LVWHA events. No "Crashing" the party. RSVP. Thank you!

About me:

Nevada Outdoor Business Coalition Member- Ann Scarff

I bought the group in 2020 when the former organizers couldn't pay the fees during the COVID pandemic, as a philanthropic endeavor to keep the group functional and give members a place to meet, socialize, and generally support mental and physical health and well-being in the spirit of the local Scarff family medical personnel- Dr. Richard Scarff Pediatrician, Dr. Michael Scarff OBGYN, MSN Jayne Scarff, BSN Tami Scarff, BSN Tarra Scarff. *It takes a village to keep our communities thriving and healthy* My approach is from a preventative standpoint. I've added approximately 2000 new members to the group, and 10 new event hosts. Please let me know if you need anything, have any questions, or are an experienced hiking/scrambling member that would like to host events.

My background is BSBA in nonprofit organization & servant-based leadership, MBA background w/ emphasis in healthcare management (managerial only, not doctoral or nursing work), and mediation w/ internship at Caesars Foundation in Morrison Public Policy Institute. 10+ yrs. Convention, Showroom, and Special Event Management. 1 yr. computer engineering and programming OIT. Former COO of International nonprofit organization - To Love Children International Educational Foundation, recognized by the UN in consultative status. One of the most fascinating marketing invitations was to proofread a first book pre-print for a U.S. Attorney (now teaching law and on admitting faculty for St. Thomas Law School), Mark Osler. The book, Jesus on Death Row, reviews the sources of policies of the death penalty in U.S. law. It's a wonderful life. Let's stick to positive intellectual conversations, and keep healthy. Looking forward to seeing you on the trail!

DISCLAIMER- Accepting Las Vegas Walking, Hiking and Adventure (LVWHA) social group membership or inclusion in LVWHA social events is your electronic signature of agreement to these terms: You agree (or will remove yourself from the group) that neither you nor any third party on your or your beneficiary's behalf will hold any of the group's leaders, officers, or representatives liable for any injury, loss, or damage to your own person or any members of your family, friends, acquaintances, children, pets, or property, arising directly or as a consequence from a group activity. You hereby accept FULL responsibility for your own health and welfare. You hereby agree to personally assume ALL risks and liability related to or resulting from any of your activity and actions in all group functions. Laws regulating this group are based on Nevada, USA laws. Updated May 26, 2023.