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We typically have two potlucks each month at one of our members' homes. One is a "healthy" potluck where we ask that the dishes be vegan, gluten-free, low-oil, no processed foods etc. The other is a regular potluck where the dishes simply need to be vegan. We also post other veg potlucks hosted around the Austin area to this group.

You don't have to be vegan or vegetarian to attend our events, but we ask that you bring a vegan dish to our potlucks and order vegetarian at our restaurant visits.
VegAustin Potlucks is a part of the Austin Vegan and Vegetarian Association. Visit our website at www.atxveg.org for more information about who we are and what we do!

Upcoming events (1)

Vegan Potluck on Easter Monday in South Austin

1808 Inverness Blvd

Well gang, Bill has offered to host a potluck for Easter at his home, this time it will be Easter Monday at 4pm in the afternoon. Bill says all ages are welcome. (There'll be no religious component to this event, Easter is just an excuse to have a potluck.)

This is a "regular" vegan potluck, no requirements other than being vegan. It'll be indoor/outdoor (Bill has a large backyard), and as for pandemic protocols, we're going on the honor system. Everyone is strongly encouraged to be vaccinated or recently tested. If not, please consider wearing a mask while not eating. We are setting the attendance at 30 attendees (plus Bill).

We are a warm and welcoming group, open to all, especially first time attendees, new vegetarians and vegans, the "veg-curious"... You don't have to be vegetarian at all, we welcome omnivores. Our potlucks are free for anyone to attend, you don't have to be an AVVA member.

All attendees must bring a VEGAN dish that can serve 8. Couples can choose to bring two dishes or an extra-large dish. Please try not to bring just a snack like chips or nuts. You also should bring a serving utensil, as well as your own plate, utensils, and beverage. We will provide forms for your dishes so you can easily check off any allergens that your dish may include.

Past events (312)

"Tiny House" Vegan Potluck in East Austin

8310 Canoga Ave