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Do you love trying new vegetarian & vegan restaurants? Do you enjoy the company of fellow vegetarians & vegans? Are you occasionally frustrated that your meat-eating friends "don't get it," and do you wish to dine with others that have the same enthusiasm for vegetarian and vegan food that you do?

Welcome to our group. What I am especially proud of is all the wonderful members we have. We seem to attract some of the very nicest, most thoughtful people in New York. Given the focus of our group, I am not surprised.

New York has many excellent vegetarian and vegan restaurants, and new ones are opening all the time. Join us as we explore them all, and enjoy dining with some of the kindest, most gracious, most socially-conscious people in New York.

Plus, join us as we go out on the town to vegetarian and vegan friendly bars and lounges. And partake when we go to visit some outstanding music venues. Great ways to have delightful nights on the town in the company of a fun and friendly group of vegetarians and vegans.

We warmly welcome all vegetarians and vegans as well as those that are considering a vegetarian or vegan diet.

Our meetup group was profiled in a news story on CNN's Headline News channel. Check out the video.

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Hip City Veg (Now In New York!), Union Square Holiday Market, and More!

The Philadelphia All-Vegan favorite has finally arrived in New York!

With restaurants in both Philadelphia and Washington, DC, this home-grown, beloved Philadelphia 100% vegan restaurant has just opened an outpost in New York City! I am thrilled, as are many others! And it is conveniently located two blocks from Union Square Park. Let's order and check it out.

Tonight will also be a vegan tour of sorts. Almost right across the street from Hip City Veg is Sweetgreen (at 101 University Place, corner of East 12th St.) This venue is liked by many vegans, though the restaurant is not all vegetarian. And down the block is the all-vegan Peacefood Cafe (at 41 East 11th St., off University Place). Many people especially love their dessert counter, and stopping in for a to-go dessert (and other items if you wish) is definitely encouraged.

Additionally, there is the Union Square Holiday Market in Union Square Park, opening this week. There will likely be some vegan food here. And it's fun just to visit the stalls and see what merchandise is for sale.

Where to Meet: We will meet in front of Hip City Veg at 28 East 12th St. (off University Place) at 7:00pm. Feel free to get there early and order. Around 7:30pm, we will be sitting as a group on the benches on the west side of Union Square Park (inside the park itself) just north of the subway entrance/kiosk inside the park near Union Square West and East 14th Street.

Looking forward to seeing you for this beautiful holiday evening, and checking out the brand-new Hip City Veg!


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