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Hello spirit soul!

Welcome to Ventura County Kirtan Mantra Meditation By Spirit Soul And Friends™ - A Musical Peace Troupe!

We are delighted that you have visited us today. This wonderful MeetUp group is created to keep you in touch with Kirtan Mantra Meditation events in Ventura County and surrounding areas. We look forward to chanting with you at the incredible events that are forthcoming.

Kirtan is when more than one person gets together to joyously sing or chant various Mantras.  Man means mind, Tra means that which frees.  A mantra is a sound vibration that frees or delivers the mind from its attachment and preoccupation with worldly matters, and focuses it on the Supreme.  Every day we hear sounds that increase our attachment and preoccupation with worldly matters, so obviously not just any sound is a mantra. Only words that have the spiritual potency to free us from material conditioning are Mantras.   The only words with that spiritual potency are any sound coming from God such as His Names and Words because they are nondifferent from Him, and are as pure and purifying as God Himself.

Kirtan is completely non-sectarian and non-denominational because the universal principle for spiritual reawakening through singing the Names of God is recommended in the Bible (both Old and New Testaments), Koran and Vedic Scriptures.

Kirtan is a spiritual tool to purify one's consciousness and bring the soul real peace and happiness; Peaceful individuals create a peaceful society.

There Should Never Be a Charge For Kirtan
According to Yoga texts, it is forbidden to charge for Kirtan and teaching spiritual truths because these should be freely available to everyone, not just those who can afford it. Therefore, we do not list on this MeetUp any kirtan events that require payment for admission.

Taking part in or learning about Kirtan has nothing to do with having enough money, having a melodious voice, or becoming a professional kirtan leader, singer or musician.  Anyone can chant, sing, dance and participate in Kirtan at no cost—so bring yourself, children, family, friends and musical instruments!

We look forward to seeing you and your family at one of the many upcoming events.

Kirtan is universally recommended
Kirtan is a joyous celebration
Kirtan is a living, moving meditation
Kirtan is the path to Peace
Kirtan opens the door to Love

Aloha and Namaste, 
Patita Pavana / Director Of Community Events for
Spirit Soul And Friends™ - A Musical Peace Troupe

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