What we're about

Welcome to the Victoria E-bike Group! We are a group that loves to cycle and loves our electric bikes!
We offer a variety of rides in distance, pace, time of day and location. Our hope is that there are rides that appeal to everyone!

Our focus is on everyone’s enjoyment by being flexible, enjoying life on 2 wheels, laughing, mingling and having fun while being conscientious of our safety as well as all of those around you. Feel free to PM us with any route suggestions. Exploring new places is always an adventure! Minimum yearly donation of $5.00 is payable upon joining and collected every July thereafter.

Everyone’s speed should be at their own comfort level. To accommodate this some rides will have a pace indicated as follows:
Pace 1. average pace 20-23kph 
Pace 2. average pace 23-25kph
Pace 3. average pace 25+kph
For rides that do not indicate a pace, we will have someone be a “sweeper”. This person will know the route and stay at the end of the line to make sure everyone arrives safely.

Please check your battery level and tire pressure before each ride and have a back up plan if you get a flat etc.

We look forward to riding with you!

Upcoming events (4+)

Africa Fest is on this weekend

Centennial Square

For those of you that want to check it out. I notice that the time it starts and finishes is different depending on which link you look at🤔 it may possibly start tomorrow at 11am. Anyway its on this weekend at Centennial square. I will likely check it out at some point just not sure when.


Sunday Ride! Roundhouse Cafe ☕️

Cafe Fantastico

Meet at 1pm at Fantastico on Harbour Rd not Switch Bridge. We will then ride towards Switch but turn right on Kelvin which turns into Cloverdale to Inverness. It’s a great cafe, I have not been in a long time

Then how about we head to James Bay to check out the Spot Prawn festival. I think it may be free or by donation

Sun, May 28, 7:00 a.m.–9:00 p.m.
MacDonald Park, Niagara St,
With live music, craft vendors, an exhibition rugby tournament (presented in cooperation with the James Bay Athletics Association), and delicious BC spot prawns

Bike Week~ Not a ride FYI only ~ pls see descrip for details to win prizes etc

Link visible for attendees

No need to rsvp, this is an FYI only if you want to participate in Go by bike week. It is to encourage riding, you can register if you like to win prizes etc. It is (May 29 – June 4), they set up Celebration Stations along popular cycling routes.

At each station, you’ll find:

FREE food, & drink: Hornby Organic Bars (Official Snack Sponsor), Level Ground Coffee (Official Coffee Sponsor) at morning stations, & lemonade at afternoon stations
one-time prize draws
bike mechanics
cycling resources
Capital Bike Swag for sale – support us!
chance to win from two Grand Prize bikes

Here is the link for all the details including prizes etc.

The link also includes info on ebike courses if anyone is interested

Tuesday Ride ~ Airport loop/Fickle Fig

The Switch Bridge

I’m banking on good weather, good company and good fun! St