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Have you had a spiritual experience or something inside you that longs to know life’s purpose? To make sense of the world around you? We all have stories and insights in our own life journey that could be shared with others. We are all unique spiritual beings and our true nature as Soul, is eternal, creative, unlimited and Divine.
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Spiritual Experiences Meetup Groups in British Columbia, offer a warm and respectful environment for discussion and sharing of insights and personal experience on many spiritual topics. The meetings offer common ground to all who have had, or would like to have, a life changing spiritual experience. Sponsored by Eckankar in British Columbia, the Meetup groups are a spiritual resource for people of all faiths and beliefs. Spiritual experience is at the heart of the ECK teachings.

Other goals include helping people:

• validate and gain insight into their own spiritual experiences,

• understand what their experiences really mean,

• learn new and advanced ways of exploring their own inner worlds.

Discussion group formats include in-person group meetings and events, as well as on-line sharing.

Some of the topics that may be of interest to you:

Divine Guidance and Inner Wisdom
Expansion of Consciousness
HU (Chanting or Singing HU)
Dreams & Lucid Dreaming
Near- Death and Out of Body Experiences
Past Lives
Prayer, Meditation and Contemplation
Reincarnation and Karma
The Nature of Soul & Soul Travel
Spiritual Exercises & Spiritual Growth

You are invited to try this spiritual exercise:

HU: Experience the Sound of Soul


Anyone can sing HU, regardless of age or religion. It is a simple technique that can be used as part of your daily spiritual practice. It has the power to uplift you spiritually for inner peace, healing, and insight.

Eckankar – The Path of Spiritual Freedom – is an active, individual, creative spiritual practice. The many Spiritual Exercises of ECK are tools to explore all the spiritual skills and talents that lie within us. Spiritual guidance is offered both outwardly and inwardly, to help us discover our own truths and proof of our eternal nature as Soul. The key to spiritual freedom lies within each individual Soul.

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Young Adult (age 18-40) Spiritual Discussion: Working With the Law of Attitudes

How to Work With the Law of Attitudes

Do you think there is an answer for every situation that comes up in our life? How does attitude(s) affect your life? Have you ever had an attitude that held you back spiritually?

This month, we will discuss the law of attitudes and its impact on our spiritual journey.

You are warmly invited to attend an online Spiritual Discussion for Young Adults. You can register here to attend this online spiritual discussion.

You are invited to a Spiritual Discussion, an open, safe, and friendly space where everyone's belief and path is honored and fully respected. The purpose of the Spiritual Discussion is to create a sacred, friendly setting for young adults (age 18-40) to share their spiritual experiences, stories, and insights with one another. All you need to do is contemplate on the quote below and bring your spiritual experiences, stories, and insights to the discussion. You are also welcome to listen.

“We know that there is an answer for every situation that comes up in our life. There is always a way, somehow. What holds us back is our attitudes.”
—Harold Klemp, The Art of Spiritual Dreaming, p. 265

This event is sponsored by ECKANKAR—The Path of Spiritual Freedom.

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