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Go (golang) programming language user group for Vienna, Austria.

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[Virtual Meetup] vienna.go Golang June Meetup

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Welcome to our virtual Vienna.go meetup event. This is a virtual meetup, NOT and in person meetup. ONLINE LOCATION: https://viennago-stream.netlify.app/ ______________________________________________________________________ PROGRAM 0. INTRODUCTION 1. TALK: Building my own interpreter in Go, by Ariel Simulevski In this talk, we'll take a look at writing compilers and interpreters in Go. We'll go over a programming language I implemented in Go (https://github.com/Azer0s/Hummus), how and why you should build your own programming language (in Go) and why knowing language design can help you with writing libraries. -- X. TALK (let us know if you want to give a talk at our July event!) 3. GROUP DISCUSSION/CHAT ______________________________________________________________________ SPONSOR This event is sponsored by EBCONT. Best IT solutions with handshake quality, innovative with broad know-how, combined with professional problem-solving support. See open positions here: https://www.ebcont.com/en/career/jobs

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[Virtual Meetup] vienna.go Golang April Meetup

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