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Go (golang) programming language user group for Vienna, Austria.

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vienna.go Golang October - in-person edition!

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Welcome to another in-person Vienna.go meetup event!

Get together with other Go (golang) users, listen to talks, and socialize. More about Go here: https://golang.org/

LOCATION: Dynatrace in THE ICON VIENNA! See more location details below.



  2. TALK 1: gRPC and Go, by Patrick Fodor
  3. TALK 2: Title TBD, by Erik Unger


-------------------- Location -------------------
Dynatrace Austria GmbH
Tower 24 - 22nd Floor
Wiedner Gürtel 13, 1100 Vienna
When you arrive in the ICON tower, walk straight to the info point and ask for a visitor’s card for Dynatrace (22nd floor). They will explain your way to tower 24.
Walk through the 1st glass door. At the 2nd glass door you will need your visitor’s card (left side) hold it against the card reader to open.
At the turn stiles, hold your visitor card against the card reader, walk through and have a look at the screen on your slide (while entering).
The screen will display a letter (A-D) which elevator you need to take.
At the elevator entrance is a small display showing you the floor where it is going -> enter if you see the number 22.
----------------------- Sponsor -----------------------
🙏 Dynatrace
Dynatrace definitely is one of Austria’s big success stories in recent history. Founded 2005 in Linz, we're now one of the fastest growing SaaS companies on the planet.
Dynatrace is market leader in software intelligence, that is: We provide full-stack insights into user sessions, applications' runtimes and infrastructure.
And guess what? We're looking for JavaScript developers: https://careers.dynatrace.com/jobs/?country=Austria&category=Engineering&
Don't forget to RSVP!

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vienna.go Golang April - in-person edition!

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