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Vierde vrijdag! #Tech, business, networking, talks #energydata #law #blockchain
Vierde vrijdag | October 2018 | Talks, networking, sharing knowledge | Line up: OEHU energy project using decentralized storage, Intelectual Property, data storage, blockchain technology, drinks 🍸 For the first time we'll start the talks at 5pm and end with drinks +- 8pm. This way you can work on your projects in daytime and celebrate the end of the week Γ‘nd month with people+talks+drinks afterwards. Curious what you think of this schedule, let us know at the meetup! πŸŽ‰ LINE UP (You're welcome at The Hague Tech from 10, if you want to work on own projects and/or meet the community at The Hague Tech. The talks start at 17:00h) β˜… 17:00 Introduction & 2-minute announcements Have something to share, ask or announce to the community? Do it now! You have two minutes to share what you want to share. In this intro you'll get to know the cool projects from in and outside the community in no time. β˜… 17:15 - 17:45 Data storage on the blockchain? / bart roorda Blockchain for data storage? In this talk you'll learn when to use blockchain (and when not). After this session you know how data is stored in blocks. Next to that you'll get a broad overview of live projects that already work on daily basis with data storage + blockchain in their online platforms. β˜… 17:45 - 18:15 Intellectual Property Rights 101 / Sil Hu Sil will give a 30-45 minute presentation on IP rights in regard of technical inventions, i.e. patent and copy rights and trade secrets. After this you will know what intellectual property rights are and what their function is in society. You will know what the scope of the IP rights are and their limitations. You will have a general understanding of the requirements that need to be satisfied to claim protection and you will be able to identify the differences of each IP right. β˜… 18:30 - 19:00 Open Energy Hub / OEHU team This month you can learn about OEHU (a new energy project using the decentralized web). OEHU makes yΓ³u owner of your energy data. Simple connect OEHU to your smart meter & immediately get access to your personal dashboard. Read about the OEHU project at In this session the OEHU shows how you can use OEHU for your advantage. Also there will be an Q&A. β˜… 19:00 - 19:30 Blockbar / What happened in Blockchain this month? Join us for an interactive session on the developments in blockchain / crypto space last month. Everyone can bring its list with news, developments, updates on new projects of this month. End result is "The state of blockchain, October 2018". Join if you like to know more about blockchain developments in general. 🍻 DRINKS 19:30 Get to know the people even more, start new projects together, drink on failures and successes. There will be some food available. We ask for an optional donation that can be paid at the event. Drinks & food can be payed in both crypto, cash & e-EUR. HOW TO GET THERE =================== You can reach The Hague Tech easily by bike, train, metro, bus, and tram. (If you are by car, there is paid street parking in the area till 14:00.) For a walking route from Central Station to The Hague Tech, see the last image in de 'images carousel' of this page. -- Vierde vrijdag group chat on Telegram:

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Juliana van Stolberglaan 4-10 Β· Den Haag

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Wow! Een cowork-dag in Den Haag, gericht op kennisuitwisseling, innovatie, samen bouwen aan projecten en show & tell.

Samen werken aan projecten, kennisdeling, talks. Dat geeft alvast een idee. Wees erbij, bij deze #vierdevrijdag!


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