Vierde vrijdag! BizDev, security+privacy, talks, networking & drinks

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Every 4th Friday of the month

The Hague Tech

Juliana van Stolberglaan 4-10 · Den Haag

How to find us

Find "The Hague Tech" on Maps, ring the bell for "Blockbar" and go to the 3rd floor. Then left.

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An evening dedicated to business & tech: Vierde vrijdag is the monthly meetup where people share knowledge and experience using talks & workshops c.q. a good place to meet&learn.

Every fourth Friday of the month. Tell something about your month, growth, fuckups, best new connections, the book you read recently, insights..


|| 11:00 The Hague is doing well on Meetup!
Duco is doing a web development study. Last month he co-created a "Meetup stats dashboard", focussed on The Hague based tech meetups Join this session if you want to hear about the results of this research, and/or if you'd like to know how the stats dashboard is built.

|| 15:00 Blockbar session: What happened in blockchain last month
Every month Blockbar ( facilitates a session on "What happened in blockchain this month". This ecosystem is developing rapidly. It's difficult to keep track. In this interactive session everyone involved in cryptocurrency space shares their news & insights. Everyone is welcome to join, share or just listen!

|| 16:30 Walk-in for main program + drinks

|| 17:00 Introduction & 2 minute announcements (all)
Have something to share, ask or announce to the community? Do it now! You have two minutes to share what you want to share.
* AI in The Hague

|| 17:15 Business Development in Tech (beginner)
Lucia Piseddu (Jongens van Techniek) is a business development consultant, always looking for creative ways to let businesses thrive! With experience in sales and marketing, she will share her experience in business development specifically: BizDev in tech. Join this session to learn how to bring your company to the next level using practical biz dev tips!

|| 18:00 Privacy 101 (beginner)
In this first 'Privacy Café' Bobby & Joel will do a session on privacy & security. What are best practices for staying safe online? You'll see general cyber/privacy risks and some statistics, and learn how to fix them.

|| 18:30 Cyber Security at common places: Broad overview (beginner)
Joel & Vincent are security experts. In just half an hour you learn about security risks you have when connecting to shared networks like the WiFi network at The Hague Tech. After this talk you'll have more awareness and knowledge about how hackers work.

|| 19:00 Food & drinks
After the talks it's possible to eat together or chat during a drink. (This is a volunteer driven meetup. Drinks & diner can be payed in both crypto, cash & e-EUR. 1.50 per drink, 5 euros for food.)

The program is not final yet as it's updated during the weeks before the meetup. Do you want to be a part of the program by facilitating a session? That's possible via


This Vierde vrijdag takes place at The Hague Tech, the tech hub just behind The Hague Central Station.

During the day you are welcome to work and meet at The Hague Tech. From 10am The Hague Tech is open. The meetup is there as well during daytime.


You can reach The Hague Tech easily by bike, train, metro, bus, and tram. (If you are by car, there is paid street parking in the area till 14:00.)


Vierde vrijdag is a collaboration of the communities of The Hague Tech (, Blockbar (, AI Lab ( among others.

You're invited to join Vierde vrijdag group chat on Telegram: