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Vilnius PHP

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Vilnius PHP


Every first Thursday of the month is the Vilnius PHP meetup time! We kept meeting for every month for more than 5 years already, no matter what.

- name: "VilniusPHP 0x4C"
date: 2019-03-07 19:00
ligtingTalks: true
- name: NFQ
logo: nfq-logo.png
- name: Ramūnas Skarbalius
title: "Robots?! What do they do on your website? [LT]"
description: |
Business owners want to see their websites in the first positions
of the search results, no matter wether the aim is better brand
visibility or a direct call-to-action on the e-shop. I'll share
real examples of how we deal with “robots” on HomeToGo metasearch
- name: Povilas Balzaravičius
title: "Ar reikia testuoti privačius metodus? [LT]"
description: |
Pastaruoju metu nemažai apie tai diskutavau su skirtingą nuomonę
turinčiais inžinieriais. Pastebėjau, kad skirtingų žmonių nuomonės
dažnai remiasi tais pačiais teiginiais kodėl galima ar negalima
testuoti privačius metodus. Paanalizuokime šias dogmas.
- name: Marco Rosello & Žilvinas Kuusas
title: "PHPUnit vs. phpspec [LT]"
description: |
You want to start testing but don’t know where to start?
We'll try to answer this question by comparing PHPUnit and phpspec with some
real-world code examples.

Do you have what to share with community? Feel free to contact us and we'll register you as a speaker!
Miesto Laboratorija
Antakalnio g. 17 13 · Vilnius
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