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Vilnius PHP

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Vilnius PHP


Every first Thursday of the month is the Vilnius PHP meetup time! We kept meeting for every month for more than 8 years already, no matter what.


  1. Liutauras Kavaliauskas (HomeToGo): When code starts to “smell”

"Do you know that there are multiple signs of poor code quality? What if I tell you that code can go bad and start to "smell"? Bad code can function, but it's not at all easy or pleasant to work with. There's a way to tell and fix such surface indicators. Here at HomeToGo, we make sure our code is clean and easy to change.”

  1. Kristijonas Bulzgis (Visma): Road to Kubernetes and autoscaling

Kubernetes was introduced more than 6 years ago in the market and its adoption in enterprises is increasing year after year.
In my presentation, I will focus on the basic concept of Kubernetes and how we adopted it in our application ecosystem.


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